Monday, March 24, 2008

HomeATM Card Present Solution

Card Present Solution for Online e-commerce Retailers

Traditional e-commerce is based on Card Not Present (CNP) transactions; i.e. the cardholder enters credit / debit card data using an online form. There is no way to prove that the user entering the card information is in fact the actual cardholder. To truly identify the cardholder the card needs to be processed via some form of hardware device that interrogates the card in order to match the data entered by the user with data phyiscally stored on the card.

Enter Home ATM. The HomeATM solution is based on an Internet consumer connecting the HomeATM device to their PC via a USB port. Once installed and configured the HomeATM Scanpad may used to process card present credit card and PIN debit card transactions via the Internet, resulting in less risk for all parties.

Payment for goods using PIN based Debit Cards as the settlement instrument of choice is the fastest growing card sector in the world at present. PIN based Debit Card settlement offers merchants a number of benefits such as Zero Chargeback and NO Risk.

Traditionally the ability to accept PIN based debit cards has been reliant on the card issuer. Home ATM removes this reliance - any debit card, issued by any issuer can be processed by merchants. Technically it's exactly the same transaction type as a user using a POS device or an ATM device.

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