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NFC, Digital Wallets, And The Future Of Payments - Forrester

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NFC, Digital Wallets, And The Future Of Payments - Forrester ...

"The key long-term driver for NFC technology is that it can enable many new product and service experiences beyond just mobile contactless payments.
Editors note: I agree that NFC is much more than payments and I maintain that the most important aspect of NFC is going to be authentication.  We just saw Apple buy AuthenTec for that "very reason."  So, who will win the Authentication battle?  Might I suggest that NFC Data, holder of the V-SIM Patent (which covers ANY authentication done "outside the SIM card") recognized that NOTHING happens without first authenticating the user.  After all, NFC opens a lot of doors and the key to opening said doors relies on authentication...  See more on the V-SIM Patent below:



Tools And Technology: The Mobile eBusiness Playbook


New phone features and capabilities are cropping up seemingly by the day. At the same time, this fast-paced change is dramatically affecting how eBusiness professionals interact with their teams and customers every day. New use cases seem to be limited only by the ability to think them up. Thus, navigating the landscape of mobile technologies and the vendors that serve them is and will be challenging in the near term. While keeping in mind the strategic approach to incorporating mobile into a broader customer engagement strategy, eBusiness professionals must weigh the appropriateness of any technology based on its fit to the objectives outlined for target customers. This report outlines the tools and technologies for eBusiness and channel strategy executives working on their mobile eBusiness strategy and is designed to provide guidance in the use of mobile technologies to increase customer value. This report is an update to the report of the same name originally published on May 16, 2012.

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Tech Giants Partner to Talk Mobile Payment Standards

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Major m-commerce players unite under ETA's Mobile Payments Committee
Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase
NFCNews (blog)
The Electronic Transactions Association has launched a Mobile Payments Committee (MPC) that brings together Google, PayPal, the U.S.'s four main mobile carriers – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon – and major financial institutions in the name of ...
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Tech Giants Partner to Talk Mobile Payment StandardsPC MagazineAT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon have already signed on for Isis, a mobile payment system that uses Near Field Communications (NFC) technology for quick-and-easy payments. It's being tested in Austin, Tex. and Salt Lake City, Utah, and American Express ...See all stories on this topic »
US Wireless Carriers Unite Around Mobile Payments
The mobile payments industry has not yet taken off in the U.S. or much of Europe. With the news that Apple will include NFC technology in the iPhone 5, it's clear the mobile industry thinks Apple will quickly propel mobile payments in the U.S. and Europe.
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Starbucks Squared

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Vivo set to launch NFC, commer ...
Business News Americas
"We expect to announce our partners in that initiative in the next two months," Vivo's products and financial services director Maurício Romão told BNamericas during a mobile payment conference in São Paulo. According to Romão, the main problem with ...
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Paying for Starbucks With Your Phone? Not So Fast...MobilediaThe coffee juggernaut is taking a different route than other massive companies dipping their toes into mobile payment, since Target and Wal-Mart are leaning towards NFC-based technology, not Square. Square is still a small startup with around 300 ...See all stories on this topic »

Analyst Says Service not Payments will Drive NFC

Authentication is the Biggest Piece of the NFC Puzzle
Analyst says services, not payments, will drive NFC ... - Gemalto blog

By Amy Gant
Analyst says services, not payments, will drive NFC to mass market. Posted on 10th Aug 2012 by Amy Gant. Let's say you are one of the lucky consumers that purchases one of the 100 million NFC-enabled mobile devices that will ship ...

Gemalto telecom blog
Featured: Major US Carriers + Google Form Mobile Payments ...
By Matt Pedigo
NFC Mobile Payments. Remember Google Wallet? No? Chances are that unless you're one of a few Nexus S or Galaxy Nexus users, you don't. I had completely forgotten about it until I picked up my Nexus 7. And since the Nexus 7 is WiFi ...
Android Headlines
All Four Major U.S. Carriers Join Google, ISIS and Major Financial ...
By Justin Crouch
Google knows it's a challenge to find places to pay with NFC and so do other financial institutions looking to break into the industry. Well Google, Isis, PayPal, VeriFone and the big four carriers in the US are banding together to form the "Mobile ...
Android News, Rumours, and Updates
GSMA announces initial speakers for NFC & Mobile Money ...
By admin
To give you a flavour of what the conference and exhibition is about, the list of topics includes: – Exploiting opportunities for Mobile Money in untapped markets; the current state of the NFC market; innovations in m-payments; plus the future of ...
GoMo News
Could Smartphone Payments Make Their Way to Field Service ...
By Tiffany Kaiser
On the other hand, non-NFC mobile payments are definitely in use. Roto-Rooter, for instance, currently issues techs smartphones that run a proprietary software called eTrace that lets workers log in, swipe, and process a credit-card payment ...
The SmartVan
Google, PayPal and US Carriers Start Pushing Mobile Payments Even
By Dennis
Google, PayPal and US Carriers Start Pushing Mobile Payments Even Stronger. by Dennis on August 10, 2012. The London 2012 Olympics marked a big push from Visa and Samsung to boost NFC payments via handsets. Now, Google ...
Latest electronics
Mobile powerhouses join the Mobile Payments Committee
By Phone Arena
Still, this is definitely a big step towards really making mobile payments a viable option in the US market. It would be nice to see more standards put in place as far as how mobile payments are best made, be it NFC, QR codes, bar codes, etc.
PhoneArena - News

Mobile Payments Chicken-Egg Problem Goes to Committee

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Mobile Payments Chicken-Egg Problem Goes to Committee
Just as technology helped tame the real Wild West via the telegraph and railroad, technology will tame the mobile payments space via handsets that support NFC (Near Field Communication). "Each player has tried to make this work in their own corner of ...
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Elecom launches NFC keyboard for Android smartphones
This week Elecom has embraced a new standard in wireless communication: NFC. Where as most companies are using it for secure mobile payment data transfers, Elecom is utilizing the standard for, you guessed it, interfacing with a new wireless mobile ...
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Film of the NFC South chat
ESPN (blog)
Meantime, I'll let you ponder some of the team-by-team highlights from Friday's NFC South chat. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS Curt Dunedin Florida [via mobile]: Why doesn't Josh Freeman get the love Stafford or Sanchez does? Pat Yasinskas: Umm, maybe ...
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New Apple Patent Again Shakes Views of Its Mobile Wallet Plans
American Banker (subscription)
Even so, an insider told The Wall Street Journal last month that Apple remains reluctant to commit to any specific technology or facet of mobile payments. The latest news nevertheless shows that Apple is clearly staking out its position on NFC, while ...
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Isreali teleco, credit card co. partner for NFC payments

ePaymentNews NFC Mobile Payment
Starbucks and Square want your phone to be your wallet
Reuters Blogs (blog)
GPS mobile payments are at the opposite end of the conceptual spectrum from NFC, and therein lies their power. NFC is specifically designed to work only over tiny distances – a few centimeters – the better to avoid mishaps that might occur if you were ...
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Isreali teleco, credit card co. partner for NFC paymentsNFCNews (blog)The partners will establish a "customers club" for Cellcom subscribers, whose members will receive a mobile version of an ICC credit card that can be used to make contactless mobile payments on an NFC-enabled smart phone. Club members will also be ...See all stories on this topic »
Inside peek at Olympic contactless payment trials
NFCNews (blog)
To those staff who were not yet familiar, Warman noted that NFC payments were often met with a "quizzical look," with one staff member observing that tapping and paying with a mobile phone "is like the future." Warman went on to observe that the ...
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Isis, it's not you; it's your business model
Mobile Payments Today (blog)
A well thought out direct-to-consumer strategy, and a Google Wallet decoupled from its NFC moorings (or bypassing the traditional carrier distribution model that is the accepted norm for mobile payments), can even slip under Apple's watchful eyes ...
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Printed wireless power chips could be the kickstart that NFC needs
If you follow the mobile computing scene, you're probably well aware that NFC — near field communication — is meant to be the next big thing. In fact, NFC and its sister RFID have been the next big thing for years — but for some reason, they've just ...
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