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Sprint to launch $100 LG NFC phone in April - NFC News

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Thanks to its embedded NFC, the Viper will join the short list of phones from Sprint that are able to use mobile payments service Google Wallet. Sprint, a launch partner of Google Wallet, announced last month that it would release no less than 10 ...

Smart Card Alliance Announces New Certification Training for ...
By Smart Card Alliance
PRINCETON JUNCTION, N.J., APRIL 10, 2012–Industry professionals interested in supporting the U.S. move to EMV and NFC contactless mobile technologies can now earn the first certification dedicated to smart card-based payments–the ...
Smart Card Alliance

Meet Research in Motion's Newest Enemy - NXP

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - OCTOBER 18:  Research in M...
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - OCTOBER 18: Research in Motion President and co-CEO Mike Lazaridis delivers a keynote address at the BlackBerry Devcon Americas on October 18, 2011 in San Francisco, California. The BlackBerry Devcon Americas runs through Thursday October 20. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
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Starbucks has processed 42 million mobile payments
By Daniel Bader on April 10, 2012 at 7:31pm in Mobile News With stats like this, who needs NFC? I'm sure that's what the executives at Starbucks are thinking as they announce the company has processed 42 million mobile payments since its US launch in ...
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Wake up, Google! Part 2
Mobile Payments Today (blog)
Editor's note: The following is part 2 of a post from Mobile Payments Today blogger Cherian Abraham. The entire post was first published to his blog. The original post is long, so we have broken it into three parts. Part 1 is available here and part 3 ...
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Meet Research In Motion's Newest Enemy
Motley Fool
NXP is a specialist whose business is making NFC chips for Android and some Nokia (NYSE: NOK ) phones. Google (Nasdaq: GOOG ) calls the company a partner in enabling the pay-via-phone Google Wallet scheme that remains in its infancy.
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This MintChip is not a flavour of ice cream
Hamilton Spectator
The payments industry's last major shakeup happened in the mid-'90s when debit card use took off. As more smartphones adopt Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which lets users hover their phones to make payments, mobile payments are expected to ...
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RIM Aims to Delight Developers at BlackBerry 10 Jam
For instance, there is a session titled "Developing NFC Applications for BlackBerry 10." This session examines how developers can use near-field communication capabilities in their own BlackBerry 10 applications. The focus will be on working with NFC ...
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Yale Locks & Hardware Demonstrates Near Field Communications

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N-Mark Logo for certified devices (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Yale Locks & Hardware Demonstrates Near Field Communications ...
"near field communications". Yale Locks & Hardware Demonstrates Near Field Communications … LAS VEGAS, NV, March 28, 2012 – At ISC West 2012, Yale ...
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Avnet Memec is partnering with Adeunis-RF to launch a new range of compact, reliable, modular and affordable Near Field Communications (NFC) solutions to ...

NFC/Mobile Payments: George Peabody, Mercator Advisory Group

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NFC/Mobile Payments: George Peabody, Mercator Advisory Group ...
George Peabody, Director of Emerging Technologies Advisory Service, Mercator Advisory Group ...
Google Alert - NFC Mobile Payment - ePayment News Blog
T-Mobile Branded HTC One S In The Wild, Quadrant Score Impresses TmoNews. The quadrant score isn't the most interesting piece of intel we're learning ...
NFC – Just Around the Corner - Books, Journals, Magazines ...
Google - laid the foundation to mobile payments and other potential applications. Google helped NFC move forward by giving it plenty of exposure.
NFC - The Killer App for NFC Payments: Transit | PYMNTS.com
Instead of driving to the local shopping mall to find mobile payments success, let me suggest that NFC mobile payments companies should ride public transit to ...
NFC Solutions Summit 2012
In attendance to discuss Bell ID's latest product offerings and solutions, including Mobile (NFC), Trusted Service Manager services and Mobile Payment, will be ...

Mobile commerce to increase by 97% over the next 3 years

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Mobile commerce to increase by 97% over the next 3 years.
Simply Zesty
This is expected to be boosted by NFC-enabled devices, which arguably have yet to prove themselves as a viable mobile payment solution. While the growth of NFC devices on the market can't be argued with 30 million units being sold worldwide in 2011, ...
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Payments Companies Making Mobile Wallets a Reality
"Through the platform, merchants gain the ability to send targeted and contextually relevant marketing to any mobile subscriber making electronic payments (via debit card, via NFC sticker, or via NFC enabled phone) from their MNO-issued BOKU Account.
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Nintendo Wii with NFC $300 Price Tag Stirs Up Xbox 720, PS4 Competitors

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Nintendo Wii $300 Price Tag Stirs Up Xbox 720, PS4 Competitors
"NFC capabilities are a drop in the bucket for Nintendo. As NFC becomes more mainstream in mobile devices, the price for NFC implementation will rapidly decline. Nintendo is jumping on NFC because of a projected cost decline in the technology," ...
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TAS Group and SCIL announce partnership to support the US Card industry in EMV ..

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TAS Group and SCIL announce partnership to support the US Card industry in EMV ...
Bobsguide (press release)
The imminent migration of the US market, already underway, will enable significant opportunities for global interoperability, fraud reduction, NFC (Near Field Communications) and mobile synergy. TAS and SCIL together will ensure that their customers' ...
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United Arab Emirates launches NFC identification pilot project

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Sequent Joins Specifications Body GlobalPlatform
MarketWatch (press release)
About Sequent Founded in 2010 by payment and mobile industry veterans, Sequent Software provides a leading Near Field Communication (NFC) software and services platform. Our mission is to enable NFC services without significant changes to complex ...
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Open doors with phones, and 4 other predictions for federal mobile access
Commercial and federal industry sectors moving to a more secure, flexible and extensible smart card data structure will make it possible for CAC and PIV cards to be embedded into smart phones and other mobile devices equipped with NFC technology, ...
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United Arab Emirates launches NFC identification pilot project
QR Code Press
NFC technology gets a great deal of attention for its uses in mobile commerce. The technology is one of the major driving forces behind the expansion of mobile commerce and is finding favor with telecommunications companies and financial institutions ...
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QR Code Press
Sprint to launch $100 LG NFC phone in April
Thanks to its embedded NFC, the Viper will join the short list of phones from Sprint that are able to use mobile payments service Google Wallet. Sprint, a launch partner of Google Wallet, announced last month that it would release no less than 10 ...
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International or AT&T Galaxy Note; which one do you prefer?
ZDNet (blog)
My only real reasons for hesitating is the lack of NFC support and the fact I can't hack it to get T-Mobile 3G working. One thing to keep in mind if you purchase a Galaxy Note is that the back panel of the Note is different between each of these two ...
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ZDNet (blog)
AuthenTec: Security For the Smart Phone
Seeking Alpha
Two things are certain with AuthenTec: more security is needed for mobile devices (NFC electronic payments) and more content will be provided/transferred to them. Here is why the stock should not be overlooked, the company has turned the corner and is ...
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WirelessDevNet.com Press Release
Wireless Developer Network (press release)
Leveraging its unique capabilities as a mobile operator, DOCOMO is a leading developer of cutting-edge technologies for NFC mobile payments, mobile GPS, mobile TV, intuitive mobile assistance, environmental monitoring, smart grids and much more.
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Datacard Group Strengthens Instant Issuance & EMV® Smart Card Technology ...
MarketWatch (press release)
This platform includes hardware, software, supplies and global support--combining central issuance or instant issuance, as well as emerging NFC mobile issuance and EMV-compliant programs into a single solution. Datacard Group is building on a 40-year ...
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ePayment News Honored by Gemalto Recommendation


The art of a technology blog


It’s always pleasing to see creative, informed content get the recognition it deserves, particularly in the world of social media. I thought I’d take a look at some of the security, telecoms and emerging tech blogs that we’ve been following here at Gemalto.

In no particular order, here’s a look at five blogs I enjoy reading online when I’m looking for something reliable, entertaining and, above all, utterly informative from the blogosphere…

ePayment News – Curated by John B. Frank, the ePayment News blog is bold and beautiful, covering everything from tech updates to investment market reviews. Handy features include the ‘you might also like’ (I almost always do…) bars and Payment News RSS page of ever evolving information.
  • NFC News – Updated several times a day, NFC News hosts regular industry reviews with video content and podcasts. Split into sections including Handsets, Health Care, Marketing and Promotions, Payments, Physical Security and Transit; access to the quarterly Secure ID publication Regarding ID Magazine is also available via subscription.
  • NFC World – As comprehensive as they come, with a consumer focus that extends to the definitive list of NFC phones. Edited bySarah Clark, the blog spans everything from worldwide NFC trials to an extensive events list that keeps associates not just informed, but connected face to face. The newsletter is a must for NFCnerds.

  • GoMo News – Billed as strategic mobile news, GoMo News is a water cooler of mobile content split into five content-rich sections. The hot topics bar takes you straight to the latest analytics whilst the Mobile Events section remains current. GoMo is the place to go for Mobile Industry Reports and there’s even a dedicated India & Asia Pacific section to keep the West in the know.
  • Mobile Industry Review – Never failing to amuse, Ewan MacLeodstarted the blog in 2006 and has developed it into both a consumer, business and personal collection of current trends and insightful topics. What I particularly enjoy is Ewan’s stance on hislove/hate relationship with emerging technology. Both stimulating and revealing, MIR behaves as an eloquent and outspoken informant, fuelled by quality coffee.
There are hundreds of blogs on security, telecoms, NFC and banking for me to digest online, and while unfortunately I can’t spend all of my time reading – with technology on the move I’m always open to suggestions.
Finally, I know this post is about Tech Blogs but as a Digital Marketing professional here’s one from another field but with a tenuous enough link and interesting views to be my joker:
  • Econsultancy – is a community where the world’s digital marketing and ecommerce professionals meet. It has over 110,000 members (including me) and features multiple blog posts per day on SEO, social media, web strategy and more. The blog is written by in-house and external experts who manage to mix in-depth strategy pieces like “Does my B2B company really need a Facebook page”with more topical news such as the latest spat between Twitter and Google. As with all blogs in the digital space it does cross-over into tech such as Mastercard’s support of mobile payment.
We all owe bloggers for quenching their writing thirst every now and again. So who do you think deserves a bit of recognition?

Newtek Jumps on Mobile Payment Card Reader Bandwagon

NEW YORKApril 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Newtek Business Services, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEWTThe Small Business Authority, is excited to announce their next product offering, NewtPay Mobile. This product will turn your Smartphone or tablet into a cost-effective mobile credit card terminal.  NewtPay Mobile includes a free card reader with no setup, cancellation or monthly processing fees.  It is pay as you go processing with rates starting at 1.69%.  Our program is designed to increase sales and reduce expenses.
NewtPay Mobile is a reliable, easy to use peripheral that will work with Apple iOS, Blackberry and Android devices.  When used in combination with the free Mobile App and Virtual Terminal, the small business everything necessary to run at peak efficiency.
Newtek President and CEO Barry Sloane said, "We realize that accepting mobile payments is an essential tool for business owners. We have to stay on top of all the new technology to give businesses the edge in today's economy. As The Small Business Authority, our goal is to strive to reduce expenses, mitigate risk and increase revenue for business owners. We believe that NewtPay Mobile is an important way to reach this goal and stay competitive in today's changing marketplace."
To get started please call 855-284-3722 or visit http://www.thesba.com/newtpay_mobile/

IDTech Jumps on Mobile Device Credit Card Reader Bandwagon

Source: ID TECH
Date: April 09, 2012 15:51 ET

ID TECH Releases Shuttle, New Secure Credit Card Reader for Mobile Devices

New Two-Track Reader Communicates With Mobile Devices Via Headphone Jack

LogoCYPRESS, Calif., April 9, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ID TECH, a leading manufacturer of automated data entry, mobile payment, point of sale, and secure payment devices, has launched the sleek and secure Shuttle mobile magnetic stripe reader for Apple, Android, and Blackberry mobile devices.  Primary benefits include secure MagStripe reading, universal fitting without the use of a clip, and the ability to read up to two tracks of card data.

The Shuttle is a magnetic stripe reader that communicates with mobile devices via the headphone jack.  The Shuttle utilizes ID TECH's proven MagStripe reading technology, providing bi-directional card reading of up to two tracks of information and supports TDES and AES encryption using DUKPT Key Management.  The Shuttle is the only audio jack MSR with firmware upgradeability in the field and compatible with over 100 different phones and tablets which is critical to ensure device functionality with the widest variety of host devices in the market today.  For a full list of compatible devices, please visit our website at http://www.idtechproducts.com/products/mobile-readers/141.html

When reading card data, the Shuttle encrypts the information before it enters the mobile device, providing protection of sensitive data.  The Shuttle's unique design allows it to fasten securely to mobile devices without the use of a clip, allowing for a smooth card swipe and reliable reading of card data.

ID TECH is a global leader in the Auto ID industry with sales, manufacturing and R&D facilities around the world.  The company has become a well-established payment solutions provider with extensive experience in data capturing and encryption products and services. Designing dependable, feature-rich products has made ID TECH a leading supplier of MagStripe readers/writers, mobile payment readers, smart card readers, barcode readers, POS keyboards, signature capture devices, PCI-compliant PIN pads, and other specialty products for OEMs, VARs, resellers, distributors, and key end users.  ID TECH provides both standard and custom solutions to support customer requirements.  For more information about ID TECH, please call 1-800-984-1010 or visit www.idtechproducts.com.

Smart Card Alliance Announces New Certification Training for Payments Industry

SOURCE: The Smart Card Alliance
April 10, 2012 08:00 ET
Addition of Payments Certification to CSCIP Training Program
PRINCETON JUNCTION, NJ--(Marketwire - Apr 10, 2012) - Industry professionals interested in supporting the U.S. move to EMV and NFC contactless mobile technologies can now earn the first certification dedicated to smart card-based payments -- the Smart Card Alliance Certified Smart Card Industry Professional/Payments (CSCIP/P) credential. The Alliance will hold its first instructor-led training course and exam for CSCIP/P in May at the NFC Solutions Summit 2012.
"The CSCIP/P training materials and exam fill a noticeable gap in education and information around the EMV migration and NFC and mobile payments adoption that have already begun in the United States," said Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance. "We have expanded our smart card training to include written documentation and classroom instruction on the role smart cards play in the rapidly changing financial payments, transportation payments, and mobile payments industries. This provides payments industry professionals a certification that demonstrates they have a proficiency in the latest technology and usage models for chip-enabled payments."
Part of the Alliance's Leadership, Education and Advancement Program (LEAP), CSCIP/P is an extension of the Certified Smart Card Industry Professional (CSCIP) designation. The body of industry knowledge covered by the CSCIP/P certification includes the same fundamentals as the CSCIP certification, and adds in-depth content on EMV migration, mobile and NFC contactless payments, secure remote transactions and smart card use in both card- and account-based transit payment systems.
Leading smart card industry professionals have developed the series of educational modules forming the CSCIP/P certification body of knowledge. These educational modules prepare applicants for the CSCIP/P exam administered by the Smart Card Alliance. The CSCIP/P certification exam will cover:
  • Smart Card Fundamentals
  • Smart Card Security Principles
  • Smart Card Application and Data Management
  • Smart Card Usage Models - Mobile and NFC
  • Smart Card Usage Models - Payments and Financial Transactions
  • Technology Comparison and Implementation Considerations
Information about the CSCIP/P certification is now available on the Smart Card Alliance website. The first instructor-led training course will be held at the NFC Solutions Summit on Monday, May 21st prior to the CSCIP/P exam on Wednesday, May 23rd. The Summit, held in partnership with the NFC Forum, will take place May 22 - 24, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel in Burlingame, California. For more information, visit the Smart Card Alliance LEAP website at http://www.smartcardalliance.org/pages/activities-leap.
About LEAPLEAP is an individual membership option offered by the Smart Card Alliance open to all individual professionals working in the smart card industry in the United States and worldwide, regardless of whether their organization is a current member of the Smart Card Alliance. LEAP members have access to the following members-only benefits: the LEAP Web site containing a comprehensive library of educational materials such as Smart Card Alliance reports, white papers, videotaped workshops, past webinars recordings and conference presentations; a social networking site to meet and share information with other LEAP members; private webinars and briefings on relevant industry topics; special networking receptions; and discounts to events and services.
About CSCIPLEAP members can apply to be accepted into the Certified Smart Card Industry Professional (CSCIP) certification program. The program provides experienced smart card industry professionals a path to be accredited as a Certified Smart Card Industry Professional. The Smart Card Alliance has developed a comprehensive body of knowledge on smart card technology and applications that will prepare accepted candidates for the CSCIP Exam. The program is administered and reviewed annually for relevance and updates by the Smart Card Alliance Professional Development Committee, comprised of Leadership Council-level members and board members of the Smart Card Alliance Board of Directors.
Membership information and fees for LEAP and CSCIP are found athttp://www.smartcardalliance.org/pages/activities-leap. For more information, contact the Smart Card Alliance at 1-800-556-6828 or email the LEAP administrator atLEAPinfo@smartcardalliance.org.
About the Smart Card AllianceThe Smart Card Alliance is a not-for-profit, multi-industry association working to stimulate the understanding, adoption, use and widespread application of smart card technology.
Through specific projects such as education programs, market research, advocacy, industry relations and open forums, the Alliance keeps its members connected to industry leaders and innovative thought. The Alliance is the single industry voice for smart cards, leading industry discussion on the impact and value of smart cards in the U.S. and Latin America. For more information please visit http://www.smartcardalliance.org.

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