debit remains a payments alternative only because there still is no PIN
debit product on the Internet.  Also playing into the picture is that
Issuers prefer Signature Debit due to higher Interchange rates.  On the
otherhand, merchants, acquirers, and consumers are in favor of PIN


debit continues to grow despite the marketing efforts of Card issuers
who actively market against PIN debit in favor of Signature debit. 
(Who but bankers would spend marketing dollars demoting one of their
own products?).  PIN debit is preferred by merchants and consumers
because of percieved security, cash back availability, speed at the
POS, and less cost to the merchant.  Once we have a viable PIN debit
product on the Internet, we will see a real growth spurt in PIN over
Signature.  And, by the way, we should see PIN on the Internet by the
end of next year, 2010.

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