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Horizon Software Takes MyPaymentsPlus to School

Horizon Software Launches MyPaymentsPlus, a One-Stop Shop for All School Payments and Registrations

MyPaymentsPlus.com provides online convenience to parents, reduces cash handling in the schools and allows staff to spend more time with parents
ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Horizon Software International, a leader in K-12 online payment solutions with MealpayPlus (www.mealpayplus.com), announces the launch of sister site MyPaymentsPlus (www.mypaymentsplus.com). MyPaymentsPlus allows all school districts, including those without Horizon’s cafeteria POS system, to accept 24/7 online payments and registrations for all fees and activities throughout the school year.
“Today’s busy parents want the convenience of paying online for just about everything”
Schools can also automate their school startup open house/orientation processes by posting required reading documents such as media release forms and student handbooks to the MyPaymentsPlus website. This will allow parents – at a time convenient to them - to easily read, print and acknowledge that they agree to the required forms, register for activities, and pay any necessary fees. MyPaymentsPlus provides parents the opportunity to meet with their child’s teachers and spend time in the classroom during orientation, rather than use their time filling out papers and writing checks.
With tight budget controls, districts are looking for ways to alleviate the time-consuming and labor-intensive processes of school registration, as well as eliminate cash handling in the schools. Collecting payment via MyPaymentsPlus protects those funds and provides detailed transaction history of each payment for accurate reconciliation and easy auditing.
MyPaymentsPlus, like MealpayPlus, will offer parents the ability to view their students’ account balances and payment history, and receive meal account low balance notifications. Both MealpayPlus and MyPaymentsPlus provide these services at no charge to parents, unlike other K-12 online payment systems that charge parents an annual fee for these services.
“Today’s busy parents want the convenience of paying online for just about everything,” says Tina Bennett, Vice President of K-12 Online Payment Systems at Horizon. “Schools that have implemented our online payment system have seen huge increases in payments, and significant labor savings. At the beginning of the school year, parents really appreciate being able to spend time with teachers instead of standing in lines writing checks.”
MealpayPlus has over 900,000 registered users and is used in over 8,000 schools.
For additional information or a demonstration, please contact Horizon Software at (800) 741-7100.
About Horizon Software International
Horizon Software International (www.horizonsoftware.com) is a global leader in software, services and technologies for food service operations. The company, a Microsoft Partner Gold ISV headquartered near Atlanta, GA, offers comprehensive food service solutions for K-12, Senior Living, Healthcare, Corporate, and Military. Horizon operates as a unit of Roper Industries, Inc. Roper Industries is a market-driven, diversified growth company and is a constituent of the Fortune 1000, the Russell 1000, and the S&P 500 indices


Horizon Software International
Amy Huff, SNS
VP Marketing

Prepaid Expo 2011 Starts August 15th in Vegas

August 02, 2011 10:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Prepaid Industry Leaders Meet at Paris Hotel, Las Vegas

The Prepaid Press Expo 2011 to Focus on Convergence

AVENTURA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The largest gathering of prepaid industry leaders will take place in Las Vegas the week of August 15 at the Paris Hotel. This premier gathering of industry leaders features representatives from all segments of the prepaid services industry. The convergence theme of The Prepaid Press Expo 2011 is reflected in the wide range of companies from all segments of the prepaid industry - wireless, calling card, loyalty, mobile payments, gift and debit cards.
The conference sessions will feature keynote addresses by industry leaders from Boost Mobile, InComm and Discover Network. Speakers from other prepaid companies, including American Express, NetworkIP, Mercator Advisory Group, Lunex, IDT, nFinanSe and dozens more, will share their experience and knowledge with conference attendees. The highly interactive format of the conference will provide the opportunity for industry leaders to interface directly with the audience. The conference sessions will run Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
The Exhibit Hall will be open on Tuesday, August 16th from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and on Wednesday, August 17th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The Exhibit Hall, featuring over 60 exhibitors, will provide a wide array of products from all segments of the prepaid industry. Attendees will be able to see and try the most innovative and promising products in prepaid.
As the prepaid industry continues to grow and diversify, the need for participation from all corners of the industry also increases. The Prepaid Press trade publication and its sister company, The Prepaid Press Expo, were created with the mission of converging all segments of the industry. The website, print trade paper and trade show are focused on that goal, making The Prepaid Press Expo the convergence point for all the diverse segments of the prepaid industry.
The Prepaid Press Expo thanks its sponsors for their support: NetworkIP, Auris Technology, Callture, Direct Wholesale, Epinz, Eureka Revenue Inc., Global Service Solutions, IDT, InComm, Lunex Telecom, Nobel, RAZA Communication, Total Call International, TWSI, DIGITALK and Red Pocket Mobile.
Complete details on show passes and the conference are available online at www.PrepaidPressExpo.com
Interested Media: Contact rtobias@prepaidpressexpo.com for Press Pass registration code.


The Prepaid Press Expo
Robin Tobias, 866-203-2334, ext. 503

Cash Back on Utility Payments from ChargeSmart

August 02, 2011 09:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time 

ChargeSmart to Offer Cash Back Bonus on Utility Payments

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ChargeSmart, a payments technology provider, announced that it is now offering an instant rebate for consumers paying their utility bills with a Discover card through the ChargeSmart Bill Payments website.
“ChargeSmart facilitates payments to more than 500 utility billers and has more than 300,000 customers that use the online bill payment solution”
Discover is one of the leading issuers of credit, debit and pre-paid cards in the U.S. and is recognized for having one of the highest rated cash-back rewards programs. With this program, all utility payments made via ChargeSmart using Discover cards will receive an instant rebate that will offset service fees, and will be added to any other applicable rewards programs that are associated with the card.
“ChargeSmart facilitates payments to more than 500 utility billers and has more than 300,000 customers that use the online bill payment solution,” said Tim Brinkman, chief executive officer of ChargeSmart. “Our service continues to offer incentives and great rewards programs to enhance the customer experience and attract new users. Through this promotion with Discover, our customers are offered the same level of convenience when making their monthly payments online, while avoiding additional fees associated with paying utility bills.”
About ChargeSmart
Founded in 2008, San Francisco-based ChargeSmart is a payments technology provider, serving consumers through its ChargeSmart Bill Payments solution and businesses with its ChargeSmart Direct program. For more information about this program, visit the company's website at http://chargesmart.com/discover-rebate-pay-utility.


For ChargeSmart
Sarah Wroble, 678-781-7236

The iPhone 5, NFC and Reality

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase
My Opinion
I think Apple will not have NFC in their next iPhone release. I also don’t think it will be called the iPhone 5 until it does have NFC.
Therefore, much like the iPhone 3 which had two subsequent releases (the “G”and then the “GS”) I think the next iPhone may be called the iPhone 4B for Bluetooth 4.0.
It’s never been Apple’s style to release something before it has broad market utility and frankly,what can you REALLY do with a Nexus S enabled NFC phone today?
No real provisioning for the storage of multiple cards exists yet and very few cash registers have NFC capabilities (go to ANY McDonald’s if you want to see one). Also,outside of Portland,where are NFC stickers being used for any real data gathering?
Nobody loves NFC and all of it’s capabilities more than I do,but let’s get real,until we have POS devices that accept NFC payment instruments and until we have enough NFC enabled phones and cards,and stickers,the NFC train is still revving at the station.
But that’s just my two cents…

Read more: http://nfcdata.com/blog/2011/08/02/iphone-5-nfc-and-reality/#ixzz1TuDe80xJ

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Comerica Bank to Push Internet PIN Debit from Acculynk via PULSE Debit Network

Editor's Note:  Looks to me that Discover's PULSE Debit network positioned Acculynk's PaySecure Internet PIN Debit platform to be instituted by Comerica Bank.


Report: NFC Best Secured by Biometrics

Smartphones, Biometrics and NFC Transform Payments and Web Authentication

Global Information Inc. sponsored a market research report, "Authentication at the Edge: NFC, Smartphones, and a New Model for Payments Confidence" published by Mercator Advisory Group.

How will smartphone, near field communication (NFC) and biometrics transform the world of payments and web authentication? Mercator Advisory Group explores this critical question in their latest report.

Smartphones equipped with NFC technology are on the near-term horizon, which will enable millions of U.S. smartphone users to utilize new security features on their devices, such as PIN entry to particular applications, fingerprint reading and more. NFC-equipped smartphones will provide new security and fraud mitigation possibilities for payment accountholders, financial institutions, government, merchants and other enterprises.
George Peabody, Director of Emerging Technologies Advisory Service at Mercator, points out "authentication is the heart of payments and online security. Smartphones with hardware-based security capability, especially via NFC and fingerprint readers, will give consumers, enterprise users, and the government unprecedented control over their payment and security interactions."

The new report examines the potential of the smartphone device in security applications as it evolves to include hardware-based security through NFC, NFC's Secure Element card number storage in additions to potential biometric applications.

Companies mentioned in this 29-page report include:

Broadcom, Apple, Isis, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Discover, Barclaycard, Gemalto, Giesecke & Devrient, AisleBuyer, Facebook, Amazon, Google, SK Telecom, First Data, CASSIS International, TSYS, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Microsoft, Prime Sense, Omnicom, Barbarian Group, Cheil Worldwide), and Razorfish, Publicis, ID-U Biometrics, Disney, Blue Planet Apps, Bank of America, and INSIDE Secur.

For more information on this report click (or copy and paste) the link below or email Press@gii.co.jp


Do NFC Payments Need Biometric Security to Speed Uptake?

August 02, 2011 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time 

NXP, AuthenTec and DeviceFidelity Complete First Fingerprint-enabled NFC Payment Transaction in the U.S., Jointly Collaborate on Secure NFC Mobile Wallet Solutions

Leading providers of NFC, fingerprint sensor security and contactless mobile payment technology join forces to create solutions that transform today’s smartphones into highly secure mobile wallets
Recently completed first ever fingerprint-enabled NFC transaction in the U.S. via a Motorola Android phone using technology from the three companies
EINDHOVEN, Netherlands & MELBOURNE, Fla. & RICHARDSON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI), AuthenTec (NASDAQ: AUTH) and DeviceFidelity, Inc., announced today that they are jointly developing reference designs that enable highly secure mobile payments via Android-based phones through the use of fingerprint biometrics and near field communication (NFC) technology. Reference designs created by the companies are expected to help mobile phone OEMs and wireless carriers address the growing demand for NFC-capable smart phones, which are forecast to grow to nearly 300 million units worldwide by 2014 according to Juniper Research.
 AuthenTec“The fingerprint transaction shows how future mobile transactions may become increasingly convenient through the use of NFC and biometrics. In the meantime, however, we continue to focus on bringing easy-to-integrate yet highly secure solutions to mobile phone OEMs and carriers eager to offer secure mobile wallet designs.”
NXP, AuthenTec and DeviceFidelity also recently collaborated to complete the first biometrically-enabled NFC mobile payment transaction in the U.S. The successful transaction was made possible via a Motorola ATRIX 4G smartphone equipped with AuthenTec’s AES1750 smart fingerprint sensor and DeviceFidelity’s In2Pay microSD card based on NXP’s secure NFC solution. The quick, convenient and secure mobile payment was conducted when the demonstrator swiped a finger over the smartphone’s fingerprint sensor, authenticating him as the pre-enrolled account owner and quickly launching a credit card app. Following authentication the user simply tapped the ATRIX smartphone against a payment terminal to complete the first fingerprint-enabled, secure NFC transaction in the U.S. NXP, AuthenTec and DeviceFidelity plan to collaborate further on additional, similar NFC-based designs to help enable broad proliferation of mobile wallets in the U.S. and other regions.
“The payment experience demonstrated by NXP, DeviceFidelity and AuthenTec provides the convenience, speed, and security consumers require for broad adoption of mobile wallets. As the global leader in NFC solutions, we look forward to building on our leadership through collaboration with AuthenTec, the world’s No. 1 provider of fingerprint sensors, and leading pluggable payment solutions provider, DeviceFidelity,” said Henri Ardevol, vice president and general manager, secure transactions, NXP Semiconductors. “The fingerprint transaction shows how future mobile transactions may become increasingly convenient through the use of NFC and biometrics. In the meantime, however, we continue to focus on bringing easy-to-integrate yet highly secure solutions to mobile phone OEMs and carriers eager to offer secure mobile wallet designs.”
“AuthenTec has helped to make NFC-based mobile payment transactions more secure, yet easier to execute since 2004, and we are very pleased to collaborate with NFC and mobile payment leaders NXP and DeviceFidelity to create designs that will help bring a new generation of fingerprint-enabled mobile wallets to the U.S. and other regions,” said AuthenTec CEO Larry Ciaccia. “Security is often cited as the biggest impediment to the broad adoption of mobile wallets, and we believe our jointly developed NFC reference designs will give consumers greater confidence that mobile wallets are not only an easier way to pay but are much more secure than other means.”
“Our In2Pay platform continues to create exciting new use cases for NFC based transactions, each of which aim to transform the end user payment experience. Through collaborations with NXP and AuthenTec, DeviceFidelity’s ability to offer secure consumer centric mobile contactless payment technologies for top tier issuers of NFC products is amplified,” said DeviceFidelity COO and cofounder Amitaabh Malhotra. “Our jointly-created designs, including the new In2Pay microSD integration credited with the first fingerprint-authenticated mobile payment transaction in the U.S., will form the basis for the adoption of enhanced security for NFC capabilities in mobile devices.”
The companies are fully committed to developing highly secure and easy to use mobile commerce subsystems to help ease design integration for mobile phone OEMs. Field upgradeable solutions and integrated reference designs will provide a variety of options to mobile phone OEMs for fielding mobile commerce transaction-ready platforms.
AuthenTec offers complete security and identity management solutions for the mobile market, including embedded security, smart fingerprint sensors and software. AuthenTec’s mobile market offering includes embedded and downloadable DRM content protection, mobile VPN client solutions, security hardware IP, identity management software, and smart fingerprint sensors that are used in more than 15 million mobile phones. AuthenTec provides the most advanced levels of security, reliability, and performance for mobile phone users, mobile operators, content providers, embedded security developers and many others, saving them time and money while optimizing performance.
About DeviceFidelity, Inc.
DeviceFidelity, Inc. develops plug-and-play technologies that empower a variety of institutions to deploy their services and applications on millions of mobile phones worldwide. Its patented In2Pay™ iCaisse and In2Pay™ microSD solution transform popular mobile phones into interactive contactless transaction devices. Committed to bringing contactless innovation to the mobile phone, the company has numerous patents pending in both U.S. and international patent offices. DeviceFidelity is a private corporation with headquarters in Texas and offices in California, New York and London. For more information, visit www.devicefidelity.com.
About NXP Semiconductors
NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) provides High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Product solutions that leverage its leading RF, Analog, Power Management, Interface, Security and Digital Processing expertise. These innovations are used in a wide range of automotive, identification, wireless infrastructure, lighting, industrial, mobile, consumer and computing applications. A global semiconductor company with operations in more than 25 countries, NXP posted revenue of $4.4 billion in 2010. Additional information can be found by visiting www.nxp.com.
About AuthenTec
AuthenTec is the world’s #1 provider of fingerprint sensors, identity management software, and embedded security solutions. AuthenTec solutions address enterprise, consumer and government applications for a growing base of top tier global customers. Already shipped on hundreds of millions of devices, the Company's smart sensor products, software and embedded security solutions are used virtually everywhere, from the PC on your desk to the mobile device in your hand to the server in the cloud. AuthenTec offers developers and users secure and convenient ways to manage today's rapidly evolving digital identities and security needs. For more information, visit www.authentec.com or follow us at twitter.com/authentecnews.


Brent Dietz, +1-321-308-1320
Director of Communications
NXP Semiconductors
Michael Maader, +49 40 5613 3371
Director Communications, ID Business
DeviceFidelity, Inc.
Stephanie Fulqui, +1-650-587-1970
Marketing Manager

S1 Corporation Board Rejects ACI Acquisition Proposal

NORCROSS, Ga., Aug. 2, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- S1 Corporation (Nasdaq:SONE) announced today that its Board of Directors, after thorough consideration and consultation with its legal and financial advisors, has rejected ACI Worldwide, Inc.'s ("ACI") previously announced proposal to acquire S1. The Board unanimously concluded that pursuing discussions with ACI at this time is not in the best financial or strategic interests of S1 and its stockholders. In doing so, the Board affirmed its commitment to S1's pending business combination with Fundtech.

"The S1 Board gave careful consideration to each of the proposed terms and conditions of ACI's proposal. In the end, the Board determined that ACI's proposal is not in the best interests of S1 and its stockholders. We believe that continuing to execute on our long-term business plan, which includes the business combination with Fundtech, will best help us maximize stockholder value and achieve our strategic goals," stated John W. Spiegel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of S1.

About S1 Corporation

Leading banks, credit unions, retailers, and processors need technology that adapts to the complex and challenging needs of their businesses. These organizations want solutions that can respond quickly to changes in the marketplace and help grow their businesses. For more than 20 years, S1 Corporation (Nasdaq:SONE) has been a leader in developing software products that offer flexibility and reliability. Over 3,000 organizations worldwide depend on S1 for payments, online banking, mobile banking, voice banking, branch banking and lending solutions that deliver a competitive advantage. More information is available at www.s1.com.

Forward Looking Statements

Certain statements in this press release may constitute "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such statements include, but are not limited to, those regarding any transaction with Fundtech or ACI Worldwide and other statements that are not historical facts. These statements involve risks and uncertainties including those detailed in S1's Annual Reports on Form 10-K and other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Should one or more of these risks or uncertainties materialize, or should underlying assumptions prove incorrect, actual outcomes may vary materially from those forecasted or expected. S1 disclaims any intention or obligation to update publicly or revise such statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Additional Information and Where to Find It

In connection with the proposed transaction with Fundtech, S1 and Fundtech intend to file relevant materials with the SEC and other governmental or regulatory authorities, including a proxy statement and information statement, respectively. INVESTORS ARE URGED TO READ THESE MATERIALS WHEN THEY BECOME AVAILABLE BECAUSE THEY WILL CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT S1, FUNDTECH AND THE TRANSACTION. The proxy statement, information statement and certain other relevant materials (when they become available) and any other documents filed by S1 or Fundtech with the SEC may be obtained free of charge at the SEC's website at http://www.sec.gov. In addition, investors may obtain free copies of the documents filed with the SEC (i) by contacting S1's Investor Relations at (404) 923-3500 or by accessing S1's investor relations website atwww.s1.com; or (ii) by contacting Fundtech's Investor Relations at (201) 946-1100 or by accessing Fundtech's investor relations website at www.fundtech.com. Investors are urged to read the proxy statement and information statement and the other relevant materials when they become available before making any voting or investment decision with respect to the transaction.

Participants in the Solicitation

S1, Fundtech and their respective executive officers and directors may be deemed to be participating in the solicitation of proxies in connection with the transaction between the companies. Information about the executive officers and directors of S1 and the number of shares of S1's common stock beneficially owned by such persons is set forth in the proxy statement for S1's 2011 Annual Meeting of Stockholders which was filed with the SEC on April 8, 2011. Information about the executive officers and directors of Fundtech and the number of Fundtech's ordinary shares beneficially owned by such persons is set forth in the annual report on Form 20-F which was filed with the SEC on May 31, 2011. Investors may obtain additional information regarding the direct and indirect interests of S1, Fundtech and their respective executive officers and directors in the transaction by reading the proxy statement and information statement regarding the transaction with Fundtech when they become available.

This communication shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities, nor shall there be any sale of securities in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such jurisdiction.

CONTACT: S1 Corporation
         Paul M. Parrish
         Chief Financial Officer

ACI Worldwide Boosts Fraud Prevention Services With ACI Financial Crime Consultancy

Source: ACI Worldwide, Inc.
Easy-to-Access Consultancy Services Add Extra Layer of Support for Users of ACI Proactive Risk Manager

NEW YORK, Aug. 2, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ACI Worldwide (Nasdaq:ACIW), a leading international provider of payment systems, today announced the launch of ACI Financial Crime Consultancy Services, a series of structured consultancy packages designed to improve the results achieved through the use of ACI Proactive Risk Manager™, and optimize financial institutions' fraud management operations.

The new packaged offerings give financial institutions various programs of strategic, expert-services support from ACI's technical, analytical and business consultants as part of their initiatives against fraud and financial crime.

The consultancy packages offer a broad spectrum of services including setting up, staffing and operating a new fraud management practice; reviewing fraud operations; identifying areas for improvement; and optimizing the performance of automated fraud monitoring systems. Services are designed to help users maintain high levels of protection against an ever-changing threat profile, and enable them to reduce costs associated with endemic fraud.

ACI Financial Crime Consultancy makes each service available as part of a structured package of pre-defined engagements, activities and deliverables. The packages are designed to enable clients to select the end-to-end solution that is most appropriate for their particular fraud management requirements and take advantage of ACI's global perspective and experience across many regions.

Krisiti Estay, AVP Check Card Supervisor from Hancock Bank, said, "In our experience, we found that the consultancy services offered by ACI can be invaluable to end users of Proactive Risk Manager, especially when they are strategically timed at certain intervals. Our consultant personalized the package to our meet our specific business needs and helped us improve our rule-writing and false positive rate. We would definitely recommend a consultancy package to other Proactive Risk Manager users in order to improve their fraud monitoring ability."

Shesh Gorur, VP product line manager at ACI Worldwide, says: "We have created these structured packages to facilitate access to our consultancy services and to make it easier for our clients to bring the expertise and experience of ACI's consultants into their anti-fraud operations. Fighting financial crime requires a holistic approach, in which people, processes and technology all play a role. By structuring our consultancy services into clearly defined packages, we have ensured that all of the components necessary to create an effective and efficient solution for addressing financial crime are available to clients. It also enables them to plan an ongoing program of improvements to their anti-fraud measures and allocate budget accordingly."

Proactive Risk Manager, ACI's comprehensive fraud detection solution, combines strategic, user-defined rules, a powerful neural network technology and custom modeling techniques, to reduce an organization's risk exposure. ACI Financial Crime Consultancy is provided by ACI's financial crime consultants, analytics scientists and technical consultants.

For more information on Proactive Risk Manager please go towww.aciworldwide.com/proactiveriskmanager.

CardinalCommerce Corporation Receives Seventh International Patent, Bolstered by Australian Patent Office

Source: CardinalCommerce Corporation

Latest Patent Addition Further Solidifies Position as Industry Leader in Authenticated Payments Enablement

MENTOR, Ohio, Aug. 2, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CardinalCommerce, the world-leading enabler of payment brands, today announced that the Australian Patent office has issued patent number 2003243523, pertaining to the facilitation of multiple authenticated payment brand acceptance through a simple, easy-to-use interface.

The patent, entitled Universal Merchant Platform for Payment Authentication, was filed to protect the Company's technology related to the unique way in which it allows merchants, payments processors and other parties to enable the acceptance of multiple payment brands easing implementation. This essentially extends the Company's US Universal Merchant Platforms patents 7,051,002 and 7,693,783 to Australia, with other international patents pending. Gateways, processors, shopping cart and middleware providers, merchant aggregators, mobile shopping providers and various digital fulfillment enterprises would find the technology taught in these patents to be the best and most efficient way to enable payment brands, methods and wallets that use authentication. This technology is especially suited for internet, mobile and other remote transactions.

"Cardinal's intellectual property portfolio, and particularly its patent holdings related to the Company's core technology, continues to be strengthened by the recent patent grant by the Australian Patent Office," says Michael A. Keresman, III, President and CEO of CardinalCommerce. "We are excited about the technology we are bringing to the market and look forward to expanding our product offerings and, most importantly, delivering the best service to satisfy our Customers."

"We imagine that there are probably several international providers that are delivering such a service and we encourage those suppliers to contact us so that an appropriate licensing or service agreement can be established. Cardinal's goal is to deliver world-class service and technology while providing the appropriate intellectual property for its Customers," said Chris Brown, the Company's Chief Financial Officer.

Cardinal's IP portfolio includes eight United States, three European, one Australian and three South African patents:
US Patents: 
US 7,051,002 B2 Universal Merchant Platform for Payment Authentication
US 7,140,036 B2 Centralized Identity Authentication for Electronic Communications Networks
US 7,606,771 B2 Dynamic Number Authentication for Credit/Debit Cards
US 7,624,039 B2 Affinity Shopping Portal 
US 7,693,783 B2 Universal Merchant Platform for Payment Authentication
US 7,742,967 B2 Secure & Efficient Payment Processing System
US 7,797,731 B2 Centralized Identity Authentication for Electronic Communications Networks
US 7,877,296 B2 Method and/or System for Extending Payment System Architectures and/or Legacy Order 
                Processing Systems to Mobile Commerce Applications via Text Messaging
European Patents:
EP 1 221 146 B1 (United Kingdom) Secure & Efficient Payment Processing System
EP 1 221 146 B1 (Switzerland) Secure & Efficient Payment Processing System
DE 600 15 587.0-08 (Germany) Secure & Efficient Payment Processing System
Australian Patents:
2003243523 Universal Merchant Platform for Payment Authentication
South African Patents:
2005/0269 Universal Merchant Platform for Payment Authentication 
2007/07072 System and Method for Conversion Between Internet and Non-Internet Based Transactions
2008/1212 Method and/or System for Extending Payment System Architectures and/or Legacy Order 
           Processing Systems to Mobile Commerce Applications via Text Messaging

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