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Websense: The Next Hotbed of Cybercrime Activity is... Canada?!?

Published Monday, May 09, 2011 12:37 PM by Patrik Runald
Cybercriminals are on the move again. And, this time, Canada is the prime target. IP addresses in China and Eastern Europe are highly scrutinized and undergoing intense evaluation. So hackers are on a quest to move their networks to countries, like Canada, that have better cyber reputations. 
It's a little surprising to me as well. Previously, Canada was a place of great beer and hockey (next year, Habs!). But Websense recently conducted an analysis of Canada’s cyber security risk profile, and all trends pointed to Canada as the new launchpad for cybercriminals. For example:
  • Jump in Hosted Phishing Sites - Canada saw a huge increase in the number of servers hosting phishing sites, jumping 319 percent in the last year. This tremendous increase over the last 12 months is second only to Egypt in terms of the growth of sites hosting crimeware.                            
  • Increase in Bot Networks – Cybercriminals are moving their command and control centers to safer grounds. In the past eight months, Canada saw a 53 percent increase in bot networks. In fact, Canada scored the second highest for hosting bot networks, when compared to the U.S., France, Germany and China.   
  • Malicious Websites – We’re seeing a trend of malicious websites decline across the board. However, Canada’s decline is tremendously slower, when compared to the countries listed above.
  • Overall Increase in Cybercrime – In Websense’s most recent Threat Report, Canada was #13 in the world for hosting cybercrime. Now they have jumped to #6 in the world in 2011. And, this number continues to rise.

More malicious content is being hosted in Canada than ever before. How will the public and private sector protect Canada? And, will the Canadian government be able to take down major Internet crime networks - similar to when the US brought down Rustock and Coreflood? 
Here's a quick peek at the top countries hosting phishing sites for the first part of this year. You can clearly see that Canada now holds the number two position for hosting this type of crimeware. 
Download video file:
Windows  |   Mac

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Debra Rossi Named Distinguished Payments Professional

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Debra Rossi, Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo Merchant Services, has been named 2011 Distinguished Payments Professional by the Electronic Transactions Association.

The award is given each year to a leader in the electronic payments industry, who is recognized for contributions to the industry and outstanding professionalism. This is the first time a woman has received this coveted honor. awarding the honor, ETA noted that Rossi has spent more than 20 years in the payments industry and has been instrumental in defining the payments landscape. She pioneered the first point of sale debit and credit solution for grocery stores in the US and was responsible for building Wells Fargo’s small business Internet services in the early 90s. Under her leadership, Wells Fargo became the first bank to process a secured credit card transaction on the Internet.
“Debra Rossi embodies the true spirit of a distinguished payments professional, a respected and valued professional held in high esteem by colleagues and recognized for her integrity, professionalism, and high ethical standards. Debra’s long commitment to the merchant side of the payments equation has made her an outspoken advocate and influential voice, actively contributing to the collective success of the payments industry,” says Carla Balakgie, CEO, Electronic Transactions Association.
Rossi was recognized during the ETA’s annual President’s Dinner and Awards Ceremony in San Diego.
About ETA
The Electronic Transactions Association is an international trade association representing more than 500 companies who offer electronic transaction processing products and services.


Electronic Transactions Association
Thomas Goldsmith, 202-828-2635

GfK Survey: Paypal Most Trusted Mobile Payment Brand

Mobile Payments: trust and familiarity are crucial in driving adoption

International, May 12th 2011
 - Trust and familiarity are the key drivers in consumer preference for mobile payment services, according to a new study.
The survey by GfK NOP, a global market research agency, covered nine countries (US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Brazil and China) and included 8,603 online interviews, with each country’s sample designed to represent their online population.
Mobile Payments: infographic showing the adoption funnel
The findings revealed that what consumers are looking for, before they feel comfortable adopting a mobile payment service supplier, is the trust of a financial brand and familiarity of a mobile brand. 

Consumer readiness for mobile payments

Consumer appeal for mobile payment services varies across all countries, which, broadly speaking, fall into two categories: countries with established financial payment infrastructures, and countries whose financial infrastructure is young and still developing.
Of the nine markets where research was conducted, South Korea was the only nation that offered established mobile payment services to the consumer market.
Globally, 62 per cent of consumers find mobile payments appealing. This is higher among certain key groups, including: younger consumers aged 16-24 (75 per cent); innovators / early adopters (74 per cent); and current smartphone owners (72 per cent).
There is, however, considerable variation between nations. Developing markets in China (82 per cent) and Brazil (73 per cent) find mobile payment services the most appealing, whereas the more established payment systems in developed markets, like the US and Europe, mean appeal in these nations is more limited (around 50 per cent), since the existing chip-and-PIN systems offer a convenient and already trusted route.

Why the delay in Mobile Payments?

Near Field Communications (NFC), the technology that supports close proximity mobile payment services, has been around for many years. However, the NFC-enabled mobile devices and service support have been delayed year on year. Why, when the service seems so attractive to consumers and businesses alike?
One of the reasons for this delay to market is that there are so many brands from different industry sectors interested, posing the critical question: ‘Who should own the relationship with the customer?’
The incentive for financial institutions is that Mobile Payment embodies a critical evolutionary step. It will modernise their service offering and refresh their brand image – things that are much needed after the negativity of the recent financial crisis. 
For mobile network operators, the attraction of this fledgling sector is the opportunity to diversify their revenue streams – to branch out from their core business of voice, text and data.
And, for Smartphone handset and operating system (or OS) providers, mobile payment services represent an important new data source, that brings together online and offline purchasing behaviour - something that will enhance the value of their ecosystem to advertisers.
Working out how all these different companies work together, and - importantly - who owns the customer relationship, has been the key barrier to rolling mobile payment services out for most countries.

The adoption funnel: trust, consideration and preference

At a category level: GfK’s study shows that the financial brand category has the highest levels of trust, consideration and - importantly - preference among consumers (48 per cent). Within this category, high street banks have the highest levels of trust, consideration and preference. Consumers feel they can be relied upon to safely process payments and manage personal finances, and view the move to mobile payments as a natural next step.
Mobile and telecommunication brands receive significantly lower levels trust, when it comes to controlling financial transactions (10 per cent). Within these brands, mobile network carriers have the highest levels of trust, consideration and preference, although still lag behind financial brands. Within this category, mobile network carriers have the highest levels of trust, consideration and preference out of all the mobile brands, but they are still quite far behind financial brands. Adoption scores for network carriers, mobile handset and OS providers do, however, see significant uplift among smartphone owners, younger consumers and early tech adopters.
At brand level: PayPal, Nokia and Apple came out very strongly, amongst the brands that we tested.
PayPal has experience in delivering remote mobile payment services to consumers and boasts high levels of trust and consideration. Most interestingly, it has the highest brand preference of all those tested in this research. At a global level, trust usually drives mobile payment service preference. However, for PayPal, the drivers are completely different. The fact that consumers have already used PayPal to send or receive remote mobile payments before drives consumer preference for the brand when it comes to proximity based mobile payments. Closely following this familiarity of PayPal’s remote service (30 per cent) comes the fact it is deemed a specialist in processing payments generally (21 per cent).  Trust (17 per cent) remains important for PayPal, but is only the third most important stated purchase driver. 
Nokia in China is among the most trusted brands of any category in the research, receiving a score of 38 per cent - much higher than its global average of 14 per cent. The reason for this level of Chinese consumer preference is, again, trust - one-in-two people in China stated trust as the main driver of preference. Nokia has built a strong brand in China over the years, based on delivering reliable mobile solutions to a large proportion of the Chinese population. 
Apple also has a very strong brand and this has driven higher levels of trust among their existing customer base - raising their global trust average of 11 per cent to 38 per cent among iPhone owners. Those that own iPhones are already used to using their iTunes account to pay for apps and media content, so the step to paying for physical products with their iTunes account is less of a stretch.
These three brand examples show that, whilst financial brands have built up high levels of trust, mobile-based brands such as Nokia and Apple, and relatively new financial brands like PayPal, have the potential to quickly disrupt this seemingly comfortable position.

Ryan Garner, Director in GfK Technology, comments,

"Creating a mobile payment service that consumers are comfortable adopting means leveraging the trust placed in financial brands, but it is also vital to have a presence in the mobile sector. By tapping into all of these strengths, a mobile payments solution would quickly gain momentum with consumers and put an end to the delays experienced by NFC-based services in recent years.”

About the Survey

GfK NOP conducted 8603 online interviews in the following countries; UK (n=853), US (n=1004), France (n=1000), Germany (n=999), Italy (n=1103), Spain (n=997), Brazil (n=987), China (n=659) and South Korea (n=1001)
The sample in each country was designed to be representative of the online population. In the UK, US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and South Korea internet penetration is high enough to capture a sample that is broadly representative of the population as a whole. However, in China and Brazil the interviews collected online will not be representative in the same way. The research conducted in Brazil and China will be representative of the online population, but these people are more advanced in their views on technology, live in more urban areas and are likely to be wealthier, than the population as a whole.
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Intuit Online Payroll Mobile App Gets Employees Paid Anywhere, Anytime

Business Owners and Now Accounting Professionals Can Easily Run Payroll On-the-go, Even on Vacation

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Small business owners and accounting professionals don’t have to cut summer vacations short to make sure employees get paid.
The Intuit Online Payroll Mobile app is part of Intuit’s Online Payroll service and works with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The app was introduced in the App Store last October and is now available to a broader group of online payroll users. It now also enables accounting professionals to manage their clients’ payroll while out of the office.Intuit Inc. (NASDAQ:INTU) today announces that its Intuit Online Payroll Mobile app enables busy employers and now accounting professionals to run payroll wherever they go, without their computer, even on vacation.
Intuit is the No. 1 small business payroll provider in the U.S. with more than 1 million customers.
“Unlike my computer, my phone is with me all the time,” said Karen Wagner, bookkeeper at Wagner Communications, Inc., Danville, Ill. “Now, when I am traveling and it happens to be pay day, I simply log into Intuit Online Payroll app from my iPhone, type in the hours and approve and all my employees are paid. It’s easy to use and run payroll from my iPhone – even easier than doing it from my computer. I spent my vacation in Florida and still paid my employees using my phone on their scheduled pay date.”
Flexibility and mobility are becoming increasingly important to professionals who no longer want to be tied to a computer or office.
“More and more business owners and accountants are looking for the flexibility and convenience when trying to run their business on the go,” said Nora Denzel, general manager of Intuit’s Employee Management Solutions division. “Our Online Payroll Mobile app now lets them stay on top of payroll whether they’re at a client’s office or sitting by the pool.”
Tap. Tap. Done.
The Intuit Online Payroll Mobile app lets business owners and accounting professionals efficiently pay their employees or their clients’ employees. With just a few taps, they can enter employee hours, review, approve and instantly pay employees. All paycheck details are automatically reflected in the user’s Intuit Online Payroll or Intuit Online Payroll for Accounting Professionals account.
Detailed features include:
  • Pay All Employees: Covers both hourly and salaried workers.
  • Preview Paycheck: Provides a comprehensive view of how much each employee is being paid before running payroll.
  • Look up Employee Info: Easily access employee data.
  • Email Confirmation: Sends a confirmation e-mail to employers and accountants. Can send electronic pay stubs to employees once paychecks are approved.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Pays employees with direct deposit or manual paycheck printing.
  • View Past Payroll: Provides a report of the last payroll run.
  • Manage Clients: Lets accounting professionals choose the client for whom they will run payroll.
  • Free Support: Provides free phone support with subscription.
  • Data Security: Uses the same encryption technology used by many banks to protect information from any unauthorized access while being transmitted.
Pricing and Availability
The Intuit Online Payroll Mobile app is available for free download via the App Store or iTunes at: To use the app, users must already subscribe to Intuit Online Payroll, QuickBooks Payroll for Mac, Intuit QuickBooks Online Payroll or Intuit Online Payroll for Accounting Professionals. More information about these services is available at:
Quick Links:
Intuit on Twitter:
Intuit Payroll on Twitter:
Intuit Small Business Blog:
About Intuit Inc.
Intuit Inc. is a leading provider of business and financial management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses; financial institutions, including banks and credit unions; consumers and accounting professionals. Its flagship products and services, including QuickBooks®Quicken® and TurboTax®, simplify small business management and payroll processing, personal finance, and tax preparation and filing. ProSeries® and Lacerte® are Intuit's leading tax preparation offerings for professional accountants. Intuit Financial Services helps banks and credit unions grow by providing on-demand solutions and services that make it easier for consumers and businesses to manage their money.
Founded in 1983, Intuit had annual revenue of $3.5 billion in its fiscal year 2010. The company has approximately 7,700 employees with major offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India and other locations. More information can be found at
Intuit and the Intuit logo, among others, are registered trademarks and/or registered service marks of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries.


Intuit Inc.
Sharna Brockett, 650-944-3856
Access Communications
Anna Pignataro, 415-844-6216

PaymentVision Announces 3.0 Universal Payment Processing Gateway

Easier, faster and more secure processing of electronic payment transactions
GAITHERSBURG, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PaymentVision, announces the launch of its 3.0 Universal Payment Processing Gateway™ (UPPG), which promises to add a whole new dimension to payments by offering customers easier, faster and more secure processing.
PaymentVision will be holding press events at 2011 NARCA Spring Conference, booth #227, in Chicago, May 12 - 14 and at 2011 National Conference of Buy Here Pay Here, booth # 434, in Las Vegas, May 18-20.
For PaymentVision payment services demo visit
“PaymentVision has a proud 20 year patent-filled history of delivering best-in-market integrated payment solutions, we continue this legacy with our latest 3.0 gateway delivering what we believe to be not only the best payment processing solution on the market but a solution that can now be implemented in as little as 15 business days from start to finish."
- Rob Pollin, President, PaymentVision
"We are committed to improving our collection processes to meet the changing payment habits of debtors and the security needs of our clients and the new 3.0 PaymentVision software has fulfilled its promises. PaymentVision has helped us provide effective electronic payment options to our debtors and better results for our clients.”
- Jeff Wertheim, Collection Attorney, Halcomb & Wertheim, P.C.
Key new features of the next generation PaymentVision’s Universal Payment Processing Gateway solution include:
BATCH CONTROL: PaymentVision now provides users with the ability to control their batch cut-offs, at various organizational levels, for all payment types. This can be performed through the PaymentVision Administrative portal or through an Integration Partner using PayAPI. Either way we have simplified the reconciliation process and have helped collection agencies and law firms, in particular, to comply with client remittance deadlines.
CARD TYPE FILTERING: PaymentVision now allows you to block all credit cards or only those that have been issued by a particular bank. This helps finance companies comply with card acceptance rules and creates a powerful advantage for collection agencies and law firms looking to retain and attract new business from the issuers.
CONTINUOUS SYNCHRONIZATION: With Payment Vision, updates happen continuously throughout the day, from all payment capture channels. With continuous synchronization from PaymentVision, you can keep all of your systems in-synch with your collected payments, guarding against FDCPA violations and eliminating wasted time pursuing fully-satisfied collections.
BANK ACCOUNT VERIFICATION: PaymentVision now provides an on-demand run mode for its Bank Account Verification service allowing users to selectively verify bank account status when scheduling a check or ACH payment in PaymentVision. The new run mode makes sure you are getting a good payment every time in real-time. When you enter a bank account number, PaymentVision verifies that the account is open, in good-standing and has not had any noteworthy NSF activity.
ON-DEMAND REPORTING: PaymentVision now provides the ability to request batch history reports and itemized transaction lists from directly within your receivables software using PayAPI. The new reporting feature helps simplify the reconciliation process for accounting users.
About Halcomb & Wertheim, P.C.
Halcomb & Wertheim, P.C. is a Creditors’ Rights law firm in Birmingham, Alabama. Founded in 1997 by W. McCollum ‘Mac’ Halcomb and Jeffrey H. Wertheim, the firm provides collection and legal services throughout the State of Alabama and in all Alabama State, Federal and Bankruptcy Courts. Visit:
About PaymentVision Gateway Services
PaymentVision® is driving the industry as a biller direct, PCI-compliant electronic payment gateway leader. PaymentVision® offers clients the unified ability to accept ACH, cash, and credit or debit card payments via in-person, phone or internet payment channels. A visionary company with an impressive 20 year history, PaymentVision® is responsible for securely handling billions of transactions for thousands of leading financial institutions, credit unions, collection agencies, credit bureaus, money services, foreign exchange originators, as well as large and small non-financial entities such as healthcare, consumer goods, energy and utilities, telecommunications, insurance companies and municipalities across the nation.
A first choice partner for premium services at discount rates, PaymentVision® works with software providers in targeted vertical markets to integrate payment processing and tokenize sensitive account data via PayAPI, a SOAP based XML web service. Get Plugged In, Why Settle For Less? Add vision to your payment processing today at


Jo-Anne Dressendofer, 973-722-6842

iPayment Announces Results for First Quarter 2011

May 12, 2011 06:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--iPayment, Inc. (“iPayment”) today announced financial results for the three months ended March 31, 2011. Revenues increased to $169,613,000 for the first quarter of 2011 from $159,540,000 for the first quarter of 2010. Revenues, net of interchange, increased to $78,884,000 for the first quarter of 2011 compared with $68,543,000 for the first quarter of 2010. Net income was $7,562,000 for the first quarter of 2011 compared to $2,220,000 for the same period last year. The Company filed its Form 10-Q for the three months ended March 31, 2011, with the Securities and Exchange Commission today.
Management will hold a conference call Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern Time) to discuss its 2011 first quarter results. Participants should dial 913-312-0830 approximately 10 minutes prior to the start of the call. A telephonic replay will become available after 12:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) on Thursday, May 12, 2011 and continue through May 21, 2011, by dialing 719-457-0820 and entering Confirmation Code 3050517.
The live broadcast of iPayment’s quarterly conference call will be available online at or on Thursday, May 12, 2011 beginning at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern Time). The online replay will be available at approximately 12:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) and continue for one week.
iPayment, Inc. is a leading provider of credit and debit card payment processing services to small merchants across the United States. iPayment’s payment processing services enable merchants to accept credit cards from VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club, as well other forms of electronic payments including debit cards, checks, gift cards and loyalty programs. iPayment, Inc. provides services to approximately 132,000 small merchants throughout the United States.


iPayment, Inc.
Mark Monaco, 615-665-1858, ext. 115
Chief Financial Officer
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MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group Announces NFC Roadmap

May 11, 2011 05:00 ET

MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group Announces Roadmap

EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS--(Marketwire - May 11, 2011) - The MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group, consisting of leading players in the Near Field Communication (NFC) ecosystem including Ericsson, Gemalto, Giesecke & Devrient, NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQNXPI), Oberthur Technologies, STMicroelectronics and ViVOtech, today announced the new roadmap for MIFARE4Mobile™ specifications.
The companies are collaborating to integrate support for the following new features and technologies in the next version 2.0 of the MIFARE4Mobile specifications:
  • Full support of MIFARE™ Classic, MIFARE DESFire™ and MIFARE DESFire EV1 applications
  • Support for multiple Trusted Service Managers
  • Support for multiple MIFARE™ applications on the same secure element
  • Compliance with GlobalPlatform 2.2
  • End-to-end security between service provider and MIFARE application
  • Backward compatibility to MIFARE4Mobile 1.01
With the release of version 2.0 of the specification, which is expected in Q3 2011, MIFARE4Mobile will fulfill the requirements for the entire life-cycle management of MIFARE™ applications in mobile devices.
Initially developed by NXP Semiconductors, MIFARE4Mobile is a technology which is used to manage MIFARE-based services in NFC mobile devices, from over-the-air installation to end-user interaction via the user interface of the mobile phone. The MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group acts as a platform to guide the evolution of MIFARE4Mobile technology. The aim of the group is to standardize and advance the uniform management of MIFARE applications on NFC-enabled secure elements, such as SIM cards, and mobile phones.
MIFARE has become the most widely adopted contactless technology on the market today and is an essential element in public transportation schemes, ticketing systems, loyalty programs, and access management around the world.
About MIFARE4Mobile
MIFARE4Mobile is a technology that provides mobile network operators, trusted services managers and service providers with a single, interoperable programming interface to remotely provision and manage MIFARE-based services in embedded secure elements and SIM cards of mobile NFC devices "over the air" (OTA).
The MIFARE4Mobile interface specifications are grouped into 3 categories:
  • Wallet / User Interface APIs
    • Ensure a consistent user experience
    • Provide full interoperability with other card formats
    • Render card content on the phone screen in a convenient and flexible way
  • Over The Air / Trusted Service Manager APIs
    • Allow OTA providers to access MIFARE resources of any secure element in a consistent way
    • Ensure uniform approach to MIFARE application life cycle management
  • Secure Element Platform APIs
    • Provide common access to the hardware resources of the MIFARE portfolio
The current version 1.01 of the MIFARE4Mobile Specifications is available at
About NXP Semiconductors NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQNXPI) provides High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Product solutions that leverage its leading RF, Analog, Power Management, Interface, Security and Digital Processing expertise. These innovations are used in a wide range of automotive, identification, wireless infrastructure, lighting, industrial, mobile, consumer and computing applications. A global semiconductor company with operations in more than 25 countries, NXP posted revenue of $4.4 billion in 2010. Additional information can be found by visiting
Forward-looking StatementsThis document includes forward-looking statements which include statements regarding NXP's business strategy, financial condition, results of operations, and market data, as well as any other statements which are not historical facts. By their nature, forward-looking statements are subject to numerous factors, risks and uncertainties that could cause actual outcomes and results to be materially different from those projected. These factors, risks and uncertainties include the following: market demand and semiconductor industry conditions; the ability to successfully introduce new technologies and products; the end-market demand for the goods into which NPX's products are incorporated; the ability to generate sufficient cash, raise sufficient capital or refinance corporate debt at or before maturity; the ability to meet the combination of corporate debt service, research and development and capital investment requirements; the ability to accurately estimate demand and match manufacturing production capacity accordingly or obtain supplies from third-party producers; the access to production capacity from third-party outsourcing partners; any events that might affect third-party business partners or NXP's relationship with them; the ability to secure adequate and timely supply of equipment and materials from suppliers; the ability to avoid operational problems and product defects and, if such issues were to arise, to correct them quickly; the ability to form strategic partnerships and joint ventures and to successfully cooperate with alliance partners; the ability to win competitive bid selection processes to develop products for use in customers' equipment and products; the ability to successfully establish a brand identity; the ability to successfully hire and retain key management and senior product architects; and, the ability to maintain good relationships with our suppliers. In addition, this document contains information concerning the semiconductor industry and NXP's business segments generally, which is forward-looking in nature and is based on a variety of assumptions regarding the ways in which the semiconductor industry, NXP's market segments and product areas may develop. NXP has based these assumptions on information currently available, if any one or more of these assumptions turn out to be incorrect, actual market results may differ from those predicted. While NXP does not know what impact any such differences may have on its business, if there are such differences, its future results of operations and its financial condition could be materially adversely affected. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak to results only as of the date the statements were made. Except for any ongoing obligation to disclose material information as required by the United States federal securities laws, NXP does not have any intention or obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements after we distribute this document, whether to reflect any future events or circumstances or otherwise. For a discussion of potential risks and uncertainties, please refer to the risk factors listed in our SEC filings. Copies of our SEC filings are available from on our Investor Relations website, or from the SEC website,
MIFARE, DESFire, MIFARE Plus and MIFARE4Mobile are trademarks of NXP B.V.
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