Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NFC Data & NFC Rumors Release Market Survey to Enlighten Industry of Investment Opportunities in NFC

CHICAGOOct. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- NFC Data and NFC Rumors are announcing their first collaborative endeavor to enlighten the emerging NFC industry by performing a 3-week independent market survey series based on the two blogs' vast reach. Recognizing a gap in identifying the real market demands from consumers in response to NFC technology, NFC Rumors and NFC Data have partnered to create an independent survey to understand the NFC market demands and identify investment opportunities for both developers and investors.
While recognizing that most NFC studies and surveys have focused on broad issues regarding mobile payments and operating within a cashless ecosystem, the two blogs seek for more specific information from real consumers. "We want to know information on how people would use NFC products and services, how many times they will use them in a day at work or school, and how much they are willing to pay for them," explains Seth Planck, Editor-in-Chief of NFC Rumors. "It's real data feedback like that that will send a message to the industry. We want investors to know how to invest in NFC, how prolific NFC technology can be in the hands of the people. Corporations can fund an entire NFC department, but the independent developers and small companies have been left on the bench."
Both blogs have long known that lack of investment in NFC has been a major factor in the lack of advancement of NFC technology, and NFC Data and NFC Rumors aim to ensure that NFC gets started on the right foot. Part of that is relying on independent research rather than paid surveys.
Ultimately, both blogs realize that advancement in the NFC space will only happen by knowing the right information. "My perspective as a technologist is to figure out what features that NFC provides will give users the fastest marginal utility and drive adoption," shares Ken Mages, Founder/CTO of NFC Data. "Having been in the payment space the last twelve years, it is NOT payments necessarily which will move the NFC needle but perhaps the synchronous/asynchronous nature of storing and forwarding data that matters most. We hope to uncover these answers in our survey."
Participation in the survey is encouraged for anyone, from industry leaders to tech enthusiasts and everyone in between. Please visit http://nfcdata.polldaddy.com/s/nfc-market-questionaire-series-1 to contribute your perspective to help shape the future of NFC.
NFC Data is a hardware and software developer integrating payment and/or marketing opportunities for NFC (Near Field Communication) projects.  Our perspective is neutral and we apply ISO standards to provide solutions for our customers.
Contact: Ken Mages, 1-260-632-7468, kmages@nfcdata.com
As a dedicated and independent news and editorial blog, NFC Rumors focuses on bringing to light contactless technologies and its relationship to the global evolution of business and culture. Covering everything from near field communications to gadgets, media, marketing, and social related topics, NFC Rumors is a convergence of everything contactless.
Contact: Seth Planck seth@nfcrumors.com
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