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NFC Forum Publishes White Paper on NFC Smart Posters

Near Field Communication Forum Publishes White Paper on NFC Smart Posters

Forum Executives to Present on White Paper and Other Key NFC Topics at WIMA in Monaco
WAKEFIELD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The NFC Forum, a non-profit industry association that advances the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, has published a White Paper about developing and deploying NFC Smart Posters, subtitled "How to use NFC tags and readers to create interactive experiences that benefit both consumers and businesses." The paper is available for download at no charge from
“How to use NFC tags and readers to create interactive experiences that benefit both consumers and businesses.”
The NFC Forum also announced that its leaders will present compelling content and examples from the Smart Poster White Paper, as well as other industry-facing topics covering NFC technology at WIMA, April 21, 2011, in Monaco. Koichi Tagawa, NFC Forum Chairman, will deliver a keynote address titled “NFC: The Evolution Continues,” which discusses the latest developments in the industry association, as well as current NFC market trends.
The goal of the White Paper, written by members of the NFC Forum Ecosystem Development Working Group, is to empower and encourage businesses and consumers to implement and use NFC Smart Posters. The extensively illustrated paper offers an easy guide to understanding what an NFC Smart Poster is, what is required to develop NFC Smart Posters, and how to avoid common obstacles when creating them. Through numerous use cases, the paper highlights ways in which NFC Smart Posters are already in use around the world, benefiting industry and consumers alike. Appendices include Frequently Asked Questions, a Glossary, and a selection of other available resources.
NFC Smart Posters are objects in or on which readable NFC tags have been placed. Smart Posters use reader/writer mode, one of the three modes of NFC; the other two modes are Peer-to-Peerand Card Emulation. An NFC Smart Poster can come in many forms – it can be a poster, billboard, magazine page, even a three-dimensional object. Information on each NFC tag is read when an NFC device is held close to it. Smart Poster examples include a poster with a web address for buying concert tickets, a museum exhibit sign with in-depth information, a restaurant menu for quick ordering of daily specials, and an in-store display offering special savings to shoppers; many more are described in the paper.
NFC Smart Posters can be of value to retailers, transport agencies, financial services companies, museums, health care providers – any entity with information to share. NFC Smart Posters can deliver a wide range of business benefits, such as cost advantages over other means of communication, relative ease of implementation, and automated interactive communications with target audiences. NFC Smart Posters can also provide an immediately useful call to action on advertisements. The process for creating Smart Posters is simple enough that consumers can make their own for household use; the White Paper offers helpful information to guide them in this activity.
The NFC Smart Poster White Paper is one of a series produced by NFC Forum members to educate the public and the industry about various aspects of using NFC technology.
About Near Field Communication Technology
NFC technology makes life easier and more convenient for consumers around the world by making it simpler to make transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with a touch.
A standards-based connectivity technology, NFC harmonizes today's diverse contactless technologies, enabling current and future solutions in areas such as access control, consumer electronics, healthcare, information collection and exchange, loyalty and coupons, payments, and transport.
NFC technology is supported by the world’s leading communication device manufacturers, semiconductor producers, network operators, IT and services companies, and financial services organizations. NFC is compatible with hundreds of millions of contactless cards and readers already deployed worldwide.
About the NFC Forum
The NFC Forum was launched as a non-profit industry association in 2004 by leading mobile communications, semiconductor and consumer electronics companies. The Forum’s mission is to advance the use of Near Field Communication technology by developing specifications, ensuring interoperability among devices and services, and educating the market about NFC technology. The Forum’s 135 global member companies currently are developing specifications for a modular NFC device architecture, and protocols for interoperable data exchange and device-independent service delivery, device discovery, and device capability.
The NFC Forum’s Sponsor members, which hold seats on the Board of Directors, include leading players in key industries around the world. The Sponsor members are: Broadcom Corporation, INSIDE Secure, MasterCard Worldwide, Microsoft Corp., NEC, Nokia, NTT DOCOMO, Inc., NXP Semiconductors, Renesas Electronics Corporation, Samsung, Sony Corporation, STMicroelectronics, and Visa Inc.


NFC Forum Public Relations
Ruth Cassidy, +1 617-957-8494

1 in 5 Smartphones will have NFC by 2014 says Juniper Research

Press Release: 1 in 5 Smartphones will have NFC by 2014, Spurred by Recent Breakthroughs: New Juniper Research Report

Hampshire, UK:
  14th April 2011 – New market forecasts from Juniper Research show rapid adoption of NFC services over the next 3 years, with at least 1 in 5 smartphones worldwide having NFC contactless functionality. Worldwide, Juniper forecasts almost 300 million NFC capable smartphones by 2014. Juniper’s analysis shows that this growth will be driven in the short term by mobile network operators launching services in 20 early adopting countries before the end of 2012.
With more and more handset vendors integrating NFC chipsets, the new Juniper Research report forecasts that NFC payments and retail marketing capability via coupons and smart posters will become common amongst smartphone users in Western Europe, North America and other developed regions.  
NFC Retail Marketing & Mobile Payments Report author Howard Wilcox gave more details behind the report’s conclusions: "Juniper’s market analysis highlighted that, although there are still hurdles ahead, NFC prospects have been boosted by the succession of mobile operator and device vendor announcements. France is a case in point where operators expect to sell one million NFC devices this year."

NFC is attracting the attention of all the major players such as Google, France Telecom Orange and Telefonica who see mobile commerce capability as vital. Juniper’s report pinpoints the main revenue opportunities but warns that business model structures still require development before NFC services will achieve critical mass.
Juniper’s new report contains comprehensive six year forecasts for all the key market parameters including users, transactions and values for both NFC ticketing and retail payments. It also breaks out the opportunities for value added retail marketing services through coupons and smart posters. Additionally the report pinpoints the drivers and constraints impacting the market, and tracks the status of 14 vendors addressing the market.  
Further findings include:
• North America will account for half of all NFC smartphones in 2014, followed by Western Europe.
• With many entities such as banks, mobile operators, transport companies and merchants involved, service complexity is a challenge in each NFC rollout.
NFC Video Whitepaper and further details of ‘NFC Retail Marketing & Mobile Payments: Markets, Forecasts & Strategies 2011-2016 can be downloaded from Alternatively please contact John Levett at, telephone +44(0)1256 830001.
Juniper Research provides research and analytical services to the global hi-tech communications sector, providing consultancy, analyst reports and industry commentary.


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U.S. Bank Wins Innovation Award for Online Payment Management Tool

U.S. Bank Wins Barlow Research’s 2011 Monarch Innovation Award for Its Small Business Online Payment Management Tool
MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Barlow Research Associates, Inc. has honored U.S. Bank with a 2011 Monarch Innovation Award, recognizing the company’s ScoreBoard online payments management tool for small businesses. Barlow provides worldwide research and consulting services for the financial services industry, and began the Monarch Innovation Awards in 2007.
 U.S. Bank
“ScoreBoard leverages our expertise as both a card issuer and processor to provide our business customers with a complete picture of their credit card purchases and sales. This data offers insights about how they can more effectively manage card spending and processing as a small business.”
Awards were chosen by an independent jury for their innovative products and features. Judges quantitatively scored each submission based on factors including uniqueness, customer loyalty, dependability, ease of use and value. U.S. Bank received the “Innovative Feature” award for its ScoreBoard tool, which helps small businesses make smarter decisions about the financial operations of their business.
“U.S. Bank is proud to be recognized as a financial services innovator with this prestigious award from Barlow Research,” said Robert Kaufman, senior vice president, U.S. Bank Payment Services. “ScoreBoard leverages our expertise as both a card issuer and processor to provide our business customers with a complete picture of their credit card purchases and sales. This data offers insights about how they can more effectively manage card spending and processing as a small business.”
ScoreBoard provides trending and reporting data that allows customers to monitor their own credit card spending and also compare their card sales data to industry trends. Available through the customer’s existing online account access tools, ScoreBoard features easy-to-read charts and graphs that provide a monthly snapshot of their credit card purchases and payments. It also gives customers insight into their merchant accounts, tracking sales transactions when customers use a card for payment of goods and services. For details, visit
Small business has long been a focus for U.S. Bank. The company is consistently a top Small Business Administration (SBA) lender and advocate for small businesses. U.S. Bank was recently recognized by the City Business Journals Network SMB Insights 2010 Brand Survey as the number one bank for small businesses as ranked by small business owners.
About the Monarch Innovation Awards
Developed by Barlow Research Associates, Inc. to recognize the importance – and challenge – of innovation in a highly regulated financial services industry, the award is named after the monarch to symbolize the rebirth that results when old formulas and methods give way to new ways of doing things. For details visit
About Barlow Research Associates, Inc.
Barlow Research Associates, Inc. (BRAI) was founded in 1980 to provide research and consulting services to the banking industry in the U.S. and overseas. BRAI specializes in custom research, strategic consulting and syndicated research programs in small business, middle market and Internet banking. BRAI has a wide range of experience in many financial markets, and knows the questions to ask and the issues to probe.
About U.S. Bancorp
U.S. Bancorp (NYSE: USB), with $308 billion in assets as of Dec. 31, 2010, is the parent company of U.S. Bank, the fifth largest commercial bank in the United States. The company operates 3,069 banking offices in 25 states and 5,310 ATMs and provides a comprehensive line of banking, brokerage, insurance, investment, mortgage, trust and payment services products to consumers, businesses and institutions. Visit U.S. Bancorp on the web at

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