Friday, December 26, 2008

"Going Dutch" Sets Debit Records?

On Christmas Eve, there were 10.4 million pinpas (pin debit card) transactions, the highest number ever recorded in the Netherlands on a single day. The figures come from Equens, the company which operates the electronic payments. Christmas Eve smashed the record set only the day before, Tuesday, when the cards were used 9.7 million times.

There were many more pinpas transactions during the last four days before Christmas, 39 million, than in the same period last year, 30 million. The fact that the cards were used more this year does not necessarily mean that more money was actually spent.

Editor's Note:  I can't help wondering if there were really only 5.2 million purchases made, but it wound up double that because they "go dutch" on dinner bill but two separate debit transactions :-)

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