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ATMDirect Has (as of yet) Still Not Accepted the "PIN-OFF" Challenge...

From today's "Payment Daily News Digest"

HomeATM Prepared to Prove ATMDirect is Vaporware:

After reading this public "let's take it outside" challenge by HomeATM's CEO, there is little question that ATMDirect is either going to have to accept the challenge and prove their functionality or sue for libel. Reading between the lines, Ken Mages is frustrated with prospective clients holding up sales as they say they first want to check out the ATMDirect offering before making a decision. - Payment Daily News Digest
Editor's Note: It's not that HomeATM is looking to prove that ATMDirect is Vaporware. It's more along the lines of settling, once and for all, who has the superior Internet PIN Debit/Credit technology, in terms of functionality AND security. This is precisely the reason HomeATM has offered to have the "PIN-OFF" implemented by a panel of payment specialists. In addition to it's technology, HomeATM also feels that it's patent is strong enough to hold up in the face of any and all scrutiny.

Regarding the libel statement. Libel is defined as a: "a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression b: a statement or representation published without just cause and tending to expose another to public contempt.

There is nothing that has been said or written by HomeATM or this blog that is either "unjust" or "without just cause." I have, indeed, "questioned" the merit of their recent press release, but the reason for doing so is based on my background as a founding member of Pay By Touch. I "justly" questioned the merit of the press release because I was sent ATMDirect's confidential documentation, which was sent to all prospective bidder's prior to the ATMDirect auction. I saw absolutely no mention of "25 Global Internet PIN Debit Patents."

Of course, if there was indeed 25 global internet patents, and Iif missed that part in going and when going over the materials, I still believe it's "justifiable," (certainly not unjust) to question how strong they were since Acculink was able to obtain those patents (and the $500k-$750k worth of IBM Blade Servers)...for only $600k.

Although there is an occasional "deal" when acquiring a company through a bankruptcy auction, the purpose of an auction, especially a court supervised bankruptcy auction, is to obtain the highest possible bid. Therefore, the price the company receives at a bankruptcy auction is usually pretty close to it's value. So no libel here...just an "open invitation" to "PIN-OFF."

As I've stated before, ATMDirect claimed to "own PIN Debit on the Internet" so why would they not accept the challenge unless, as Payment Daily News Blog, so eloquently stated, they've got vaporware.

Personally, I don't necessarily believe ATMDirect is "vaporware", I simply am of the option that it's "nowhere" near the level of HomeATM's technology.

So...with that said, there's 23 days (and counting) remaining and we're still all waiting for ATMDirect to accept the PIN-OFF. They can name the time, and even the place, and do so by clicking here: ATMDirect Accepts HomeATM's PIN-OFF Challenge!

BTW: Nominations are now being taken by "Wired" for their 10th Annual Vaporware Awards ...if you can think of a nominee!

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HomeATM Named Top 30 Innovating Elite - Blast from the Past

In an effort to bring HomeATM Blog readers up to date on some featured news articles about HomeATM, I am pleased to introduce our "Blast from the Past" feature.

Today's "Blast from the Past" features an article from last fall's Investors Daily News, recognizing HomeATM as one of Canada's Top 30 Innovating Elite Company's.

Here's the article from late last August...

MONTREAL, Aug 30, 2007 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Intent on showing its global entrepreneur and investor resources the "WOW" factor from North of the Border's innovative technology sector, Red Herring is holding its first Canadian conference--Canadian Innovation Illuminated -in Montreal.

Showcasing early stage disruptive technologies -- "Made in Canada" -- the event will feature a well-rounded list of guest speakers as well as "presentations from the country's the Top 30 innovators."

HomeATM -- the Montreal headquartered owner of a global patent for PIN debit and PIN credit card use in a browser environment -- has been chosen to present its paradigm shifting technology as a proud member of the Elite 30 Canadian Company Presentations group.

A very pleased Kenneth G. Mages -- Chairman and CEO of HomeATM -- announced the news today by saying, "We welcome the opportunity to have been selected to present our web-based 'trusted e-money eco-system' on not only a Canadian, but also an international, stage." Mr. Mages went on to say, "The HomeATM value proposition -- sustainable over the long term -- will be extremely compelling to the VC community and demonstrate our unique bottom-up Alternative Web Payment Solution business model, as well as our top-down next generation follow-up.

Taking Kenneth Mages' comment one step further, HomeATM COO Mitch Cobrin stated, "The rapid increase in internet penetration is fuelling a variety of consumer internet services and e-commerce opportunities witnessed by the rapid growth of such payment solution providers as PayPal and Bill Me Later. As customers and merchants seek a trusted, secure and convenient method to transact over the WWW this sector should see double digit growth through the next decade."

Canadian Innovation Illuminated is being held at Montreal's Hyatt Regency Hotel from September 5th through September 7th 2007.

About HomeATM:

Owner of the PIN-debit and PIN-credit authentication space in a browser environment through its global patent and of its patent pending 2nd generation wPCI(C) version aiming to turn any Internet-enabled device into a fully secured, bank "standard" transaction device, HomeATM can justifiably aspire to be a significant player in online financial services, payment solutions and remittance. Indeed, the solution is well suited to cannibalize market share from existing online payment processes, significantly expand the user base and increase FSI player presence in the online transaction space. More information is available at

About Red Herring:

Red Herring magazine is a sophisticated insider's guide to the business of technology, featuring unparalleled insights on the emerging technologies driving the economy, from the Internet to wireless communications and digital entertainment. Red Herring's journalists report on how innovation and entrepreneurship are transforming business and how the business of technology is transforming the world, providing readers with a deep understanding of venture capital and capital markets. Recognized as an essential resource in today's fast-changing business world, Red Herring gets the right answers before anyone else even thinks to ask the questions. More information on Red Herring is available on the Internet at

For Information, please contact:

HomeATM: Mitchell Cobrin, COO
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Red Herring: Farley Duvall, Executive Director
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