Friday, November 9, 2012

ePaymentNews has Moved to

ePaymentNews has moved to

You're here because you searched for news.  IMI's proprietary breaking news content marketing platform is second to none.  Learn More

Innovative Marketing Ideas has created a "News Content Marketing" software platform that creates "breaking news" sites for any industry, vertical or niche.  Any subject.  Our newsbots scour the web for breaking news on "keywords" they are trained to find.  The breaking news story is then sent to our server and reformatted as follows:

  • Title
  • Picture (if available in news story)
  • Credit to Author (i.e. Chicago Tribune)
  • 25 Word Blurb (Preview
  • Additional Articles on same keyword (if available)
  • Direct Link to Original Content Provider
Web Crawlers Love Breaking News!
Search engines give breaking news priority resulting in top billing.  Better yet, people who use search engines to find news are targeted resulting in qualified visitors who have demonstrated an interest in your industry, niche or vertical.  So if we create breaking news on the Miami Heat, our visitors are  most likely to be Miami Heat Fans.  This means we can target our visitors with real "contextual advertising" (i.e NBA Heat Jersey's, Lebron James shoes, South Beach related merchandise (Groupon) etc.

To see our technology in action, visit or

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