Monday, April 14, 2008

HomeATM Still Waiting To Hear From ATMDirect Regarding "PIN-Off"

In the wake of the Airlines Industry having just become aware that a credit card processor can (and will) dictate that 100% of an airlines credit card based revenue can be withheld, it has become more than obvious that Internet PIN Debit will not only "fly" but will become "air apparent" to the current web transaction space. HATM is more than ready to "earn it's wings".

I am aware how both ATMDirect and HomeATM's Internet PIN Debit solutions work. As a founding member of Pay By Touch, from which Acculink procured ATMDirect, I am privy to specific details driving ATMDirect's solution.

After seeing and learning more about HomeATM's Internet PIN Debit Solution, I am convinced that HomeATM's technology is the strongest of these two.

I am interested in bringing more publicity and thus awareness to PIN Based Internet Transactions. For that reason, when HomeATM, last week, suggested challenging ATMDirect to an industry sponsored showdown which was dubbed by Ken Mages, HomeATM's CEO and Founder, as a "PIN-OFF," I thought it was a brilliant way to drum up some exposure towards furthering the cause of PIN Debit for the Internet.

Of course, it also occurred to me that this was analagous to an old-fashioned duel, ala the Old Wild West...and not unlike the Wild West, this duel may leave only one man (technology) standing.

According to Ken Mages, CEO and Founder of HomeATM, HATM is entirely more than willing to have this so-called "PIN Off" supervised by a knowledgeable, non-partisan entity(ies).

As I mentioned in last weeks blog posting, entitled "HomeATM Officially Challenges ATMDirect to a "PIN-Off," one suggestion (among many) as a "fair and balanced" technological judge/arbitrator was John Stewart" the Editor in Chief of Digital Transactions Magazine. With that said, HomeATM would welcome any and all highly respected industry veteran(s).

Strong candidates might include highly regarded Gartner Research analyst Avivah Litan, Aite Research Director and Analyst, Gwenn B├ęzard, Glenbrook's Payments News Editor Scott Loftesness, The GreenSheet's President and Founder, Paul Green and/or Internet Retailer Magainzes Publisher, Jack Love.

However, HomeATM is willing to invite any and all analysts to form an "Internet PIN Debit Payments Panel." and oversee the "PIN-Off"

As I see it, the panel's primary function would be to subject both HomeATM's and ATMDirect's methodologies to whatever rigorous tests they may wish to institute to verify how it works, that it works, how secure it is and how quickly the transaction is transacted.

Of course, all I'd ask is that results of these tests be shared (publicly) including each "analysts independent findings" upon the conclusion of conducting these "objectively unbiased analysis".

Say again? Okay. HomeATM is willing to showcase the HomeATM technology to a professional unbiased payments panel...and ATMDirect would be and hereby "is invited" do the same. The results of the evaluation will be public domain.

Will you, ATMDirect accept PIN Debit ? As I posed last week, I think the real question is: Can ATMDirect accept,? If so, will ATMDirect be able to do so "securely" without any glitches? That is the gist of the challenge. My personal belief is the PIN-Off" might be too "Rocky" a road for them to travel. My educated guess is they may want to avoid having their technology subjected to independent analysis as it may die from exposure.

However, I've been known to be wrong before, so...ATMDirect, prove me wrong! If you don't think that HomeATM would "PIN U" into the proverbial corner, feel free to accept the invitation to an offical PIN Off by emailing me at: ATMDirect Hereby Accepts.

We would love (and are anxiously waiting) to hear from you ATMDirect...just accept the challenge sometime within the next 30 days. and we'll make arrangements for the PIN-Off. As a friendly reminder look for the "PIN-Off" Countdown Widget at the top right of this blog!

And every day for the next 30 days, I will let you know if I've yet to hear from or receive an acceptance of the invite to a "PIN Off" from ATMDirect.

You said in your "Press Release" that you will "Own PIN Debit on the Internet," so let's at least see you "Own Up to This Challenge".

I'll be waiting...

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