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Acculynk Bringing PaySecure to the Mobile Channel

PaySecure, the first software-only service for PIN debit payments on the Internet, will be available on mobile phones in Q1

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Acculynk announced today that it is bringing the security and convenience of its PaySecure® Internet PIN debit product to mobile smartphones early this year.
The growing prevalence of mobile transactions coupled with merchant demand prompted Acculynk to extend the capabilities of PaySecure beyond the Internet channel.PaySecure Mobile will allow consumers to authenticate their transactions by entering their bank-issued PIN on Acculynk’s graphical, scrambling PIN-pad, which has been specially designed for mobile smartphone platforms.
“We were approached by major merchants last year wanting to know how PaySecure would fit with their developing mobile channels, so we started work on a mobile application,” said Ashish Bahl, CEO of Acculynk. “After several months of development, we’ll be ready to launch PaySecure mobile in Q1 2011, allowing our merchants and partners to benefit from the higher security of PaySecure in not just one but two major purchasing channels. Additionally, PaySecure Mobile is well positioned to add an additional layer of authentication to NFC payments on smartphones, since the phone is something you have but the PIN offers something you know.”
PaySecure Mobile is built on Acculynk’s patented encryption and authentication platform, which is also the backbone of Acculynk’s PaySecure Internet PIN debit product. Introduced in March 2009, PaySecure Internet PIN debit is today supported by 9 U.S. EFT networks and implemented on over 1,000 U.S. merchant websites.
But Acculynk is looking beyond Ecommerce payments in 2011, with new applications for PaySecure including money transfer, Peer to Peer (P2P) authentication, online banking authentication, and PIN debit entry on a kiosk.
“In 2010, we established PaySecure as the standard for PIN debit payments on the Internet, with a growing base of merchants, issuers and EFT networks,” said Bahl. “In 2011, our goal is to expand the channels where PIN debit can be accepted, like a mobile phone and even kiosks – giving consumers a consistent payment experience and merchants lower fraud and lower costs – while introducing new applications for the product within those channels, such as P2P payments and online banking authentication.”
PaySecure Mobile will be available on the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows-7 platforms.
About Acculynk
Acculynk secures online transactions with a suite of software-only services backed by a patented authentication and encryption framework provide greater security for issuers, EFT networks, merchants and payment processors. Acculynk has introduced the first software-only service for Internet PIN debit payments, PaySecure®, which utilizes a graphical PIN-pad for the secure entry of a consumer’s PIN. PaySecure is currently enabled on over 1,000 merchant websites. Acculynk has partnerships with 9 EFT networks to process PaySecure transactions and with six leading payment processors to distribute the product. Visit


Danielle Duclos, 678-894-7013
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PayPal Tries to "Duck" Debit -Fee Cap as Federal Regulation Looms

PayPal Tries to "Duck" Debit -Fee Cap as Federal Regulation Looms
(from Bloomberg on 1-19-2011)

PayPal Inc., the fastest-growing unit at online marketplaceEBay Inc., said the Federal Reserve shouldn’t subject the company to a cap on debit-card transaction fees, a move that could threaten most of its U.S. revenue. The Fed is seeking public comment about whether limits passed by Congress should apply to “non-traditional” payment systems such as PayPal that are vying for part of the $4 trillion U.S. market dominated by Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. PayPal’s business would be damaged if it’s regulated like payment-card networks, according to Patricia Hewitt, a director at consulting firm Mercator Advisory Group.  >>read more>>
“We will be making the case that PayPal is not a payment- card network,” said Sara Gorman, an Atlanta-based spokeswoman for PayPal, in a telephone interview. “We don’t charge interchange fees.  We’re confident that we won’t be regulated.”
 Look like a duck + Walk like a duck + Quack like a duck = duck?

Smart Card Alliance to Provide Full-Day Open Bank Card Payments Workshop for Transit

Jan 19, 2011 10:39 ET

PRINCETON JUNCTION, NJ--(Marketwire - January 19, 2011) - The Smart Card Alliance Transportation Council announced today a new full-day educational workshop on open bank card payments for transit. The Transportation Council also announced two upcoming dates for the workshop: February 15, 2011 prior to the Smart Card Alliance 2011 Mobile and Transit Payments Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah; and March 27, 2011 prior to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Fare Collection Workshop and TransITech conference, both in Miami, Florida.

"The transportation industry is going through big changes, with transit agencies in areas like New York, Utah, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Chicago showing interest in and/or deploying open bank card payments. As transit agencies are planning their future fare collection programs, they have questions about how open bank card payments can fit with their strategies," said Randy Vanderhoof, executive director of the Smart Card Alliance. "The Transportation Council tapped into the knowledge of its membership, which spans the entire industry -- including transit agencies, bank card issuers, payment brands, integrators, and technology providers -- to create this in-depth educational workshop that answers questions transit agencies may have about open bank card payments."
The workshop provides a comprehensive view of open bank card contactless payments and how they pertain to transit. Industry expert speakers will discuss alternative architectures for open transit fare payment and provide practical planning and implementation guidance for developing the business case and procurement strategy for open bank card payments. The topics covered in the workshop are:
  • Overview of Open Bank Card Contactless Payments Technology & Markets.
  • Open Bank Card Payments 101: The Banking and Payment Ecosystem. 
  • Alternative Architectures for Open Transit Fare Payment Systems. 
  • Following a Standards-Based Approach for Open Transit Payments.
  • Examining Open Standard Prepaid Cards for Transit. 
  • Building a Business Model and Business Case for Open Bank Card Payments. 
  • Procurement Strategies and Developing an RFP for Open Bank Card Payments. 
  • Q&A Session with Transit Operators and Open Payments in Transit Experts. 
"Having the Transportation Council's workshop on the agenda prior to APTA's Fare Collection Workshop and TransITech conference is a great way for both organizations to work together for the common goal of providing the timeliest payment and fare collection resources to the transit industry," said Brian Stein, chair of APTA's Universal Transit Fare System (UTFS) Contactless Fare Media Standard (CFMS) working group, member of the Smart Card Alliance Transportation Council and business development lead for public transportation in North America at Accenture.
Workshop registration information:
About the Smart Card Alliance Transportation CouncilThe Smart Card Alliance Transportation Council is focused on promoting the adoption of interoperable contactless smart card payment systems for transit and other transportation services. The Council is engaged in projects that support applications of smart card use. The overall goal of the Transportation Council is to help accelerate the deployment of standards-based smart card payment programs within the transportation industry.
About the Smart Card AllianceThe Smart Card Alliance is a not-for-profit, multi-industry association working to stimulate the understanding, adoption, use and widespread application of smart card technology. 
Through specific projects such as education programs, market research, advocacy, industry relations and open forums, the Alliance keeps its members connected to industry leaders and innovative thought. The Alliance is the single industry voice for smart cards, leading industry discussion on the impact and value of smart cards in the U.S. and Latin America. For more information please visit
Media Contact:Deb Montner
Montner & Associates Tech PR Agency

Visa Data Shows 45% Debit Card Growth in the UK

Visa Debit CardImage by MoneyBlogNewz via Flickr
Visa Debit Cards Growth Rose 45% in UK 
(from Financial Times on 1-19-2011)
By James Wilson in Frankfurt
Published: January 18 2011 18:42 | Last updated: January 18 2011 18:42

UK consumers used Visa cards for £1 in every £4 spent last year after strong growth in e-commerce and the use of debit cards, according to the card processor. Transactions carried out with Visa debit cards rose 45 per cent to £251bn ($400bn) in Britain, said Visa Europe, which is owned by 4,000 of the continent’s banks. The data revealed on Tuesday by the card processor has been interpreted as evidence of a growing preference among consumers for debit cards instead of cash. The UK’s Payments Council, an industry body, said last month that the use of debit cards had outstripped that of cash for the first time.
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25 Percent of Adults Affected by Card Fraud in U.K.

 Quarter of Adults Affected by Card Fraud
YORK, EnglandJanuary 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Card fraud has now affected a total of 13 million people in the UK according to new research (1).
The annual Card Fraud Index released today from life assistance company CPP ( has named Brighton as the card fraud capital of the country. With the south coast city jumping from tenth place in the number of people falling victim at least once to card fraud.
The top five card fraud hotspots in the UK are Brighton (38 per cent), London (34 per cent), Manchester (33 per cent), Bristol andLeeds at joint fourth place (32 per cent) and Edinburgh (31 per cent) (2).
But there is some good news. 2010 saw a three per cent reduction in the number of card fraud incidences (3) with seven per cent of people saying they had suffered from card fraud in the last 12 months compared to 10 per cent in 2009. However, card fraud is still a problem and people need to remain vigilant and take responsibility when using their cards.
The Card Fraud Index ( also reveals the methods criminals are using, with most victims (20 per cent) having the magnetic stripe on their card cloned at an ATM or via a Chip and PIN machine. This is a three per cent increase on 2009. One in five victims have been defrauded online with criminals using the internet to obtain card details.
Alarmingly a third of card fraud victims (33 per cent) don't even know how they became a financial victim, with a third hearing directly from their bank (34 per cent) and six per cent being refused money at an ATM. A further six per cent found out when their card was refused at point of sale.
Victims of card fraud reported the average amount stolen was GBP417 with one in 20 (four per cent) reporting losses of more thanGBP2,000.
Although card fraud has decreased year-on-year, consumers are still practicing behaviour that could put them at risk. 18 per cent don't check ATMs to see if they have been tampered with, 17 per cent don't shield their PIN numbers at cash points and most worryingly 16 per cent admit to letting their cards out of sight in shops and restaurants. Moreover, consumers take an average of more than eight hours to report their cards lost or stolen, giving ample time for fraudulent use.
Sarah Blaney, card fraud expert at CPP (, said: "In 2010 we saw a three per cent decrease in card fraud incidents in the UK (3) compared to the previous year. This in itself is good news and shows how progress is being made to reduce the number of victims. In particular, online fraud has decreased, which could be a result of industry initiatives such as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.
"We are also continuing to see consumers protecting themselves with preventative measures such as Card Protection policies that immediately cancels lost and stolen cards. However, with card fraud costing the UK GBP440 million a year (4), consumers still need to remain vigilant and not let their guard down. We want to see the continued decrease in card fraud and hope that consumers will take responsibility alongside industry initiatives."
Dr Bernard Herdan, CEO, National Fraud Authority, said: "The ongoing decrease in card fraud is a very positive sign that industry safety measures and consumers ability to self-protect are improving. However, it is important to remind consumers not to become complacent about taking precautions when using credit and debit cards. Visit regularly to keep up-to-date with the latest fraud prevention advice (5)."
For more information, please visit or
Worst cities for card fraud:

    City      Percentage of people affected by card fraud at least once
    Key       (1) = position in fraud rankings

                          2010        2009        2008      2007

    Brighton              38  (1)     23 (10)     27  (5)   12
    London                34  (2)     35  (2)     38  (1)   28  (1)
    Manchester            33  (3)     21          29  (4)   22  (4)
    Leeds                 32  (4)     27  (5)     19        19  (8)
    Bristol               32  (4)     20          18        22  (3)
    Edinburgh             31  (5)     24  (9)     23  (9)   18 (10)
    Southampton           29  (6)     28  (4)     24  (7)   14
    Norwich               28  (7)     30  (3)     25  (6)   19  (9)
    Birmingham            27  (8)     23          23  (8)   25  (2)
    Liverpool             25  (9)     15          19        14
    Plymouth              24 (10)     24  (7)     22 (10)   16
    Glasgow               24 (10)     24  (8)     31  (3)   20  (6)
    Cardiff               20          37  (1)     34  (2)   20  (5)
    Newcastle             20          25  (6)     16         9
    Nottingham            20          23 (10)     12        19  (7)
    Sheffield             18          17          14        18
Top tips from CPP to help avoid being a victim of card fraud
1) Don't carry multiple debit/credit cards in a wallet - only carry the essential cards you need
2) Don't leave belongings unattended while shopping
3) Don't carry debit/credit cards loose in a bag or pocket
4) If your cards are registered with a Card Protection company make sure you have their emergency loss reporting number
5) Don't ever write down your PIN number
6) Don't let a shop assistant take your debit/credit card out of sight - they could be copied or cloned
7) Don't let someone else take money out on your behalf
8) Check your receipts against your statements when you get home
9) If you are concerned your cards may have been lost or stolen, contact your bank immediately to get the card cancelled
10) Make sure your bank has up-to-date contact details for you, including your mobile phone number in case they need to check if transactions are genuine
Notes to Editor
(1) The UK adult population according to ONS is 49,051,000. 28 per cent of adults have been affected by card fraud in their lifetimes. 28 per cent of 49, 051,000 = 13,734,280
(2) Figures include all of those that have been affected by card fraud at least once
(3) The Card Fraud Index in 2010 revealed that 10 per cent of people had been affected by card fraud in 2009. This year the results show that 7 per cent of people have been affected by 2010 a 3 per cent decrease.
(4) In 2009, The UK Cards Association reported total card fraud losses decreased by 28 per cent to GBP440.3 million.
(5) The National Fraud Authority (NFA) runs Action Fraud, the UK's first national fraud reporting centre that provides a single point of contact for fraud victims where they can both report a fraud and seek guidance and advice.
Research Methodology
Research was carried out online by Research Now among 2,009 people on 16th December 2010.
About CPP
The CPPGroup Plc (CPP) is an international marketing services business offering bespoke customer management solutions to multi-sector business partners designed to enhance their customer revenue, engagement and loyalty, whilst at the same time reducing cost to deliver improved profitability.
This is underpinned by the delivery of a portfolio of complementary Life Assistance products, designed to help our mutual customers cope with the anxieties associated with the challenges and opportunities of everyday life.
Whether our customers have lost their wallets, been a victim of identity fraud or looking for lifestyle perks, CPP can help remove the hassle from their lives leaving them free to enjoy life. Globally, our Life Assistance products and services are designed to simplify the complexities of everyday living whether these affect personal finances, home, travel, personal data or future plans. When it really matters, Life Assistance enables people to live life and worry less.
Established in 1980, CPP has 10 million customers and more than 200 business partners across EuropeNorth America and Asiaand employs 1,900 employees who handle millions of sales and service conversations each year.
In 2009, Group revenue was GBP292.1 million, an increase of more than 12 per cent over the previous year.
In March 2010, CPP debuted on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).
What We Do:
CPP provides a range of assistance products and services that allow our business partners to forge closer relationships with their customers.
We have a solution for many eventualities, including:

    - Insuring our customers' mobile phones against loss, theft and damage

    - Protecting the payment cards in our customers' wallets and purses,
    should these be lost or stolen

    - Providing assistance and protection if a customer's keys are lost or

    - Providing advice, insurance and assistance to protect customers against
    the insidious crime of identity fraud

    - Assisting customers with their travel needs be it an emergency (for
    example lost passport), or basic translation service

    - Monitoring the credit status of our customers

    - Provision of packaged services to business partners' customers

    CPP is an award winning organisation:

    - Winner in the European Contact Centre Awards, Large Team of the Year
    category, 2010

    - Finalist in the European Contact Centre Awards, Best Centre for
    Customer Service, Large Contact Centre of the Year categories, 2010

    - Winner in the National Sales Awards, Contact Centre Sales Team of the
    Year category, 2010

    - Finalist in the National Insurance Fraud Awards, Counter Fraud
    Initiative of the Year category, 2009

    - Finalist in the European Contact Centre Awards, Large Team and Advisor
    of the Year categories, 2009

    - Named in the Sunday Times 2008 PricewaterhouseCoopers Profit Track 100

    - Finalists in the National Business Awards, 3i Growth Strategy category,

    - Finalist in the National Business Awards, Business of the Year
    category, 2007, 2009 and Highly Commended in 2008

    - Named in the Sunday Times 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 HSBC Top Track 250

    - Regional winner of the National Training Awards, 2007

    - Winner of the BITC Health, Work and Well-Being Award, 2007

    - Highly Commended in the UK National Customer Service Awards, 2006

    - Winner of the Tamworth Community Involvement Award, 2006. Finalist in

    - Highly Commended in The Press Best Link Between Business and Education,
    2005 and 2006. Winner in 2007

    - Finalist in the National Business Awards, Innovation category, 2005

    For more information on CPP click on

MasterCard Launches ‘ATM Hunter’ for Android Smart Phones

New MasterCard Application Helps Android Smart Phone Users Quickly Find the Nearest ATM

PURCHASE, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MasterCard Worldwide today announced the availability of the MasterCard® ATM Hunter application for Android™ Smart Phones. The applets users quickly and easily find the nearest ATM no matter where they are in the world.
“MasterCard is focused on delivering innovative applications and services that help make life easier not only for MasterCard cardholders, but for all consumers”
“MasterCard is focused on delivering innovative applications and services that help make life easier not only for MasterCard cardholders, but for all consumers,” said Cheryl Guerin, senior vice president, Global Digital Marketing, MasterCard Worldwide. “With the success of this application on both the iPhone and Blackberry, it is a natural progression to bring it to the active Android user base as well. Now, Android smart phone users can save time by using the MasterCard ATM Hunter in real-time to find an ATM nearby.”
The MasterCard ATM Hunter leverages the location-based technologies of the Android platform to search for the nearest ATM. Users can customize their search based on their unique banking needs – such as a search for a specific financial institution if they need to make a deposit or surcharge-free ATMs. MasterCard ATM Hunter can also pinpoint wheelchair accessible, drive-thru or 24-hour access ATMs and provide directions to get there.
The MasterCard ATM Hunter application for Android will also allow users to “report a problem” for an ATM location. This new feature facilitates real-time communication back to MasterCard to report a problem such as a non-working ATM or an ATM that no longer exists in the location noted.
Powered by the MasterCard Location Services platform, MasterCard ATM Hunter is the latest delivery channel for ATM location information from MasterCard. Each year, millions of consumers contact MasterCard across a variety of to find ATM and Merchant locations - when they need them, wherever they are – quickly and easily.
About MasterCard Worldwide
As a leading global payments company, MasterCard Worldwide prides itself on being at the heart of commerce, helping to make life easier and more efficient for everyone, everywhere. MasterCard serves as a franchisor, processor and advisor to the payments industry, and makes commerce happen by providing a critical economic link among financial institutions, governments, businesses, merchants, and cardholders worldwide. In 2009, $2.5 trillion in gross dollar volume was generated on its products by consumers around the world. Powered by the MasterCard Worldwide Network – the fastest payment processing network in the world – MasterCard processes over 22 billion transactions each year, has the capacity to handle 140 million transactions per hour, with an average network response time of 140 milliseconds and with 99.99 percent reliability. MasterCard advances global commerce through its family of brands, including MasterCard®, Maestro®, and Cirrus®; its suite of core products such as credit, debit, and prepaid; and its innovative platforms and functionalities, such as MasterCard PayPass™ and MasterCard inControl™. MasterCard serves consumers, governments, and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories. For more information, please visit us at Follow us on Twitter: @mastercardnews.
Android is a trademark of Google, Inc.


MasterCard Worldwide
Melissa Pereira, 914-249-1192

iPay Technologies Introduces Biz 2.0 Crossover

Service equips financial institutions to seamlessly convert small business customers to small business online bill pay solution for better service and greater efficiencies -

MONETT, Mo.Jan. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (Nasdaq: JKHY), a leading provider of computer systems and electronic payment solutions primarily for financial services organizations, today announced that its iPay Technologies division has introduced Biz 2.0 Crossover. The new bill payment service identifies small business customers that are using a financial institution's consumer online bill payment product, but would realize greater benefits from a bill pay solution designed exclusively for small business needs.
Biz 2.0 Crossover is part of iPay's strategy to help financial institutions best serve small business customers while ensuring that those relationships achieve their greatest profit potential.
According to Bill Ready, president of iPay Technologies, "Today, small businesses need to optimize operating efficiencies and cash flow, simplify funds management and effectively control delegated tasks. However, most of them are not achieving these basic goals if they are using a consumer online bill payment product. The tendency to use a consumer bill pay solution typically stems from familiarity with the platform and its functionality, and many small businesses simply are not aware that dedicated online bill pay solutions are available to them. We believe financial institutions and their small business customers can both realize tangible, ongoing benefits from a more sophisticated bill pay solution."
By automatically tracking transaction volumes and types, iPay's Biz 2.0 Crossover allows financial institutions to identify which customers are using a consumer bill pay platform for their business payments. Biz 2.0 Crossover then uses that account insight to deliver a series of professional communications to small business customers to help them recognize the benefits of converting to iPay's small business bill pay solution, Biz 2.0. The messages can be presented as banner ads on a financial institution's consumer bill pay homepage during a user's online session, on interstitial Web pages or via e-mail correspondence. Each communication includes an enrollment prompt that enables small business customers to instantly and effortlessly enroll online for Biz 2.0, eliminating the manual conversion process.
iPay's Biz 2.0 provides small businesses anytime access and greater control and flexibility. It provides the functionality to meet billing and payroll needs without consolidating orders or using spreadsheets. It also enables small businesses to delegate tasks like scheduling payments and it simplifies account-to-account transfers. The solution supports direct deposits, the management of payday schedules and the generation of advance reminders.
Ready added, "As valuable as small business customers are, banks and credit unions must proactively communicate the benefits of a full online financial management platform. Biz 2.0 Crossover is an automated way to simplify these communications and ultimately support financial institutions' strategic goals of attracting, retaining and growing their small business customer base and incrementally increase the related revenue."
About iPay Technologies
iPay Technologies is a leading provider of online bill payment solutions that incorporate a sophisticated bill pay engine that easily integrates with any online banking platform, best-of-breed retail and small business bill payment solutions, extensive payments expertise, and outstanding service. Through strategic partnerships with more than 50 providers of information processing and online banking solutions, iPay's turnkey, highly configurable electronic payments platform is supporting more than 3,600 banks and credit unions, including more than half of the nation's credit unions and approximately 40 percent of the nation's community banks that offer bill payment services. Additional information is available at
About Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.
Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: JKHY) is a leading provider of computer systems and ATM/debit card/ACH transaction processing services primarily for financial services organizations. Its technology solutions serve more than 11,200 customers nationwide, and are marketed and supported through four primary brands. Jack Henry Banking™ supports banks ranging from de novo to mid-tier institutions with information processing solutions. Symitar™ is the leading provider of information processing solutions for credit unions of all sizes. ProfitStars® provides highly specialized products and services that enable financial institutions of every asset size and charter, and diverse corporate entities to mitigate and control risks, optimize revenue and growth opportunities, and contain costs. iPay Technologies operates as a leading electronic bill pay provider supporting banks and credit unions with turnkey, highly configurable retail and small business electronic payment platforms.  Additional information is available at
SOURCE Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.

Fifth Third Processing Solutions Signs Six Credit Unions

CINCINNATIJan. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Fifth Third Processing Solutions is pleased to announce that the following six credit unions have signed contracts with the company for single-sourced, comprehensive processing services including: ATM and debit card transaction processing, ATM driving, card production and network gateway access:

Quincy Credit Union located in Quincy, Massachusetts has been serving its members for 70 years.  With over $375 million in assets the credit union has two locations and six ATMs.  The credit union takes pride in providing its over 25,000 members with the best financial services possible in order to successfully satisfy their financial needs and requirements.  The Credit Union's members include employees and families of the City of Quincy and those who live or work in Norfolk and Plymouth Counties, and inDorchester.  Learn more at
North Coast Credit Union headquartered in Bellingham, Washington began at the Bellingham Firehouse in 1939 as the City of Bellingham Employees Credit Union.  In 1954 membership expanded to include postal and other public employees.  To better reflect their community charter, the credit union changed its name to North Coast Credit Union in 1998.  Today, with over $138 million in assets, four locations and six ATMs, the credit union serves over 13,000 members who live, work, worship, or attend school inWashington State.  Learn more at
New Mexico Energy Federal Credit Union headquartered on Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico has been making life better for their 3000 members, one family at a time since 1956. The credit union is sponsored by the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration. New Mexico Energy FCU serves those who work for these organizations or are contracted to them and work within the state of New Mexico. Family members and retiree's also benefit from membership. New Mexico Energy FCU's members enjoy no fee access to nationwide CU Service Center shared branches and Co-Op Financial ATMs. Learn more at
TrustUS Federal Credit Union headquartered in Midlothian, Texas was established in 1954 and was formerly known as Texas Industries Employees Credit Union.  Today the credit union has over $10 million in assets and serves 3,200 members with an additional location in Petersburg, Virginia.  Learn more at
Cutting Edge Federal Credit Union, located in Milwaukie, Oregon, has served their members since its inception in 1953.  Cutting Edge offers its members a full service website that allows for true "Banking From Home." This enables users to obtain account balances and history reports, transfer money between accounts, make bill payments, and much more.  With more than $35 million in assets, they serve 3,600 members from two locations.  Learn more at
Citco Federal Credit Union located in Sheridan, Wyoming was established in 1954 as the Sheridan Public Employees Federal Credit Union to serve city and county employees of Sheridan.  Renamed Citco in 1987, the credit union now offers membership to other area businesses and schools serving 1,900 members.  The credit union exists to provide a convenient and competitive source of financial services for its member-owners that is consistent with prudent financial management and operates two ATMs and has over $10 million in assets.  Learn more at
"We are excited to gain the expertise of the Fifth Third Processing Solutions' team which persistently focuses on the ever changing EFT industry," said Tracy Thorpe, President and CEO of Citco Federal Credit Union.  "Also compelling is their vast experience in delivering proven debit marketing, and fraud monitoring systems.  Their existing relationship with Bradford Scott and the new robust card extract file also confirmed that this was the right choice for our credit union, and ultimately would be most beneficial to our members."
"Credit Unions deliver specialized services to their members and we have the people, technology, and resources, to serve this unique market, "said Royal Cole, President, Financial Institution Services, Fifth Third Processing Solutions.  "We are pleased to have been selected to work with all six of these credit unions to provide technologically advanced services to meet their processing needs and support their growth and expansion in the communities in which they serve."
Fifth Third Processing Solutions, LLC delivers innovative payment transaction processing and acceptance solutions to create and support complex payment strategies for merchants, businesses, and financial institutions around the world. A pioneer in card payment acceptance in the early 1970s, Fifth Third Processing Solutions is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and is a joint venture with Advent International and Fifth Third Bank, a subsidiary of Fifth Third Bancorp (FITB)
As a premier full service payment solutions provider, the Company provides servicing solutions and product engineering for financial institutions' and retailers' credit card, debit card, merchant and private label programs processing over 33.3 billion ATM and point of sale transactions and over $344 billion in debit and credit card sales volume annually. Its subsidiary, NPC is the largest provider of payment processing services exclusively focused on the small-to-medium merchant processing market.  The Company supports over 180,000 merchant and financial institution locations and 11,000 ATMs in 44 states and 11 countries. According to the Nilson Report (March 2010), the Company is the third largest U.S. merchant transaction acquirer. Learn more at
CONTACT:  Lynn M. Rhoads, Senior Vice President
Communications Director
SOURCE Fifth Third Processing Solutions

Global Payments and Planet Payment Announce Multi-Currency Agreements for North America

ATLANTA and LONG BEACH, N.Y.Jan. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Payments Inc. (NYSE:GPN), a leader in electronic transaction payment processing, and Planet Payment, Inc. (LSE: AIM: PPT and PPTR; OTCQX: PLPM), a leading multi-currency payment and data processor, today announced agreements to provide multi-currency processing services.

The agreements include the offering of Global HomeCurrencyPay™, an innovative multi-currency processing solution powered by Planet Payment, to Global Payments' base of ISO and merchant customers in the United States and Canada.

Global HomeCurrencyPay will offer significant value-added services to merchants, allowing their customers the flexibility to process transactions in the cardholders' home currencies while knowing the exact purchase amounts before the statements arrive, as well as reducing processing costs for overseas card transactions.  Multi-currency Pricing will provide merchants the opportunity to attract more international customers with the ability to view pricing and pay in many foreign currencies. These solutions also provide Global Payments with a sales edge in a highly-competitive market by supplying a dynamic new tool intended to improve product offerings, expand merchant portfolios and enhance merchant loyalty.
Unlike other products, the Global Payments and Planet Payment solutions enable merchants to participate through the ease and convenience of a standard merchant account, in the merchant's local currency.  They continue to receive all funding from Global Payments in U.S. or Canadian Dollars with the same funding schedule as their domestic transaction activity, avoiding complications and funding delays.
These agreements announced today expand the current relationship between Global Payments and Planet Payment dating back toNovember 2007 covering the provision of the Global HomeCurrencyPay service in ChinaHong KongMacauTaiwanBruneiIndia,MalaysiaSingaporeSri Lanka, the Maldives and the Philippines.  
"Global Payments continually aims to offer its merchants and ISOs superior products and solutions and we are very excited to offer Global HomeCurrencyPay, powered by Planet Payment to our customers," said Sid Singh, Vice President, Corporate Product for Global Payments Inc. "Global Payments has been offering Global HomeCurrencyPay to its merchants in Asia Pacific since 2007, with positive market reaction and substantial merchant uptake in the region."  
"The adoption of Planet Payment's multi-currency processing services has increased dramatically over recent years as more merchants around the world view the services as powerful tools to help improve sales, customer satisfaction, and net profits," saidPhilip Beck, Chairman and CEO of Planet Payment.  "As a provider of quality payment solutions to the U.S. and Canadian business communities, we are excited to partner with Global Payments, one of the leaders and innovators in the field."
About Global Payments
Global Payments Inc. (NYSE: GPN) is a leading provider of electronic transaction processing services for merchants, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), financial institutions, government agencies and multi-national corporations located throughout the United StatesCanadaEurope, and the Asia-Pacific region.  Global Payments, a Fortune 1000 company, offers a comprehensive line of processing solutions for credit and debit cards, business-to-business purchasing cards, gift cards, electronic check conversion and check guarantee, verification and recovery including electronic check services, as well as terminal management.  Visit for more information about the company and its services.
About Planet Payment
Planet Payment's Common shares trade in the UK on AIM under the symbols PPT for unrestricted Common shares and PPTR for Reg S Common shares and in the United States on the OTCQX under the symbol PLPM.
Planet Payment is a leading international payment and data processor, providing banks and their merchants with innovative solutions to accept, process and reconcile payments, anytime, anywhere and in any currency. Our customer base of more than 45 acquiring banks and processors stretches from North America, to the Middle East, to Asia Pacific, including ChinaHong Kong,MacauTaiwanMalaysia and India.
Planet Payment is headquartered in New York and has offices in AtlantaBeijingBermudaDelawareLondonHong Kong,Shanghai and Singapore. Visit for more information on the Company and its services. For up-to-date information follow Planet Payment on Twitter at @PlanetPayment or join Planet Payment's page on Facebook.

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