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21 "Mobile Payment" News Stories for August 13, 2012

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Are Mobile Payments Fixing Something, Or Just Hot Doggin' ?
Wired News
Even some in the mobile payment industry say that just waving a smartphone over a scanner rather than swiping a card through the same machine isn't enough to get consumers to switch. "Credit, debit and cash all work pretty good in the United States ...
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Wired News
This Week in Small Business: The Van Indicator
New York Times (blog)
Starbucks makes a big investment in the mobile payment provider Square, which demonstrates how mobile payment options are growing for small companies. Kevin Casey offers five things small businesses should know about Google Wallet, including: "Your ...
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SoundCloud puts Adyen Payment Solution in the Mix
Sacramento Bee
13, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Adyen, the fast growing provider of next generation Internet and mobile payment solutions, has today announced that its innovative, single-click payment solution has been selected by SoundCloud, the leading social sound ...
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To Square Up The Starbucks Experience: Potentials And Potholes
The groundbreaking partnership between the world's largest coffee chain, Starbucks Coffee Company and mobile payment startup, Square, Inc. is significant for both companies and its ecosystem. With the deal, Square is catapulting itself into the ...
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New push for mobile payments unity in US
Rethink Wireless
The committee is not setting standards directly but will aim to influence legislators and regulators on mobile payment policy, raise awareness among consumers and retailers, and address the crucial issue of the value chain - and how the business ...
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Surya Mahadevan: Chief Operating Officer, Loop Mobile
Light Reading India
We have recently tied up with Zipcash to provide mobile transactions and mobile payment services to our customers. But we have to wait for various merchandisers to accept this format of payment. While we are fully ready to provide mobile payment ...
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Mobile App Company Tests Passbook App for iOS 6 in Real-World Simulation
In relation to this, there have been rumors with regard to the application's capabilities in terms of mobile payment. As of the moment, Passbook is not yet linked to any credit card or bank accounts. It only serves as a way to organize digital coupons ...
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New Top Quality Merchant Services Available to Plumbing and Heating Supplies ...
Mobile payment solutions are also provided as a benefit to MDS clients. They can be used by either cell phone or on computers. As they can be accessed by various cell phone types, it all can work across major phone carriers. Security is assured with ...
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Digital Money Shows How Technology Disruption Varies Across Markets
Wall Street Journal (blog)
A few days ago, it was announced that Square's mobile payment offerings will be available at Starbucks' 7000 US stores. Somewhat similar capabilities are being pursued by a number of other vendors, including PayPal,Verifone and Google. This is all in ...
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ABnote Selects the GO-Trust SWP microSD
Korea IT Times (press release)
TAICHUNG, TAIWAN — Today GOTrust Technology Inc. (GO-Trust®) announced that ABnote Australasia has selected the GO-Trust SWP (Single Wire Protocol) 8GB Secure microSD for the 'Mobile Credit Card Select' Smart Phone Mobile Payment Card.
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Switched On: Surface damage
Square mobile payment readers now shipping again to tiny transaction tycoons. 58 comments. In the year 2009 · Book scanning gets a 1000 fps turbo mode. 61 comments. In the year 2008 · Nokia's Jeppe video "pet" concept. 30 comments. In the year 2007 ...
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The wallet of the future is super slim (blog)
The challenge for companies hoping to profit from mobile payment, as Brian X. Chen writes for the NYTimes, is to figure out what kind of system is most attractive to consumers and merchants. While the companies work towards a completely wallet free ...
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NEXPERTS and Unwire announce strategic alliance | NEXPERTS
By martin
The NFC specialist NEXPERTS and Unwire have top-class technological solutions that complement each other, providing customers in telecommunications, banking, trade and transport with integrated solutions for mobile payment and mobile ...
Mobile local paying is soon in Finland but who is going to take the ...
By Otto
Basically mobile payment is an umbrella term such as m-commerce covering many different payment systems and methods that all utilize a mobile phone in one way or another. Mobile payments can be roughly divided into three categories ...
Magenta Advisory
Google, PayPal put aside competition in mobile payments to drive ...
By Chantal Tode
The need for such a committee reflects the complexity of mobile payment solutions, which involve many different stakeholders, including wireless carriers, software and hardware providers, financial institutions and more. Such a committee can ...
Mobile Commerce Daily
Monetization Baby: SoundCloud Planning To Let Users Sell Tracks ...
By Steve O'Hear
Adyen, the Dutch Internet and mobile payment startup, is trumpeting a big client win today: Its single-click payment solution has been selected by social sound platform SoundCloud. But that in itself isn't really all that newsworthy. The real story ...
Mobile Payments and the Importance of Critical Mass - Perficient Blogs
By Melody Smith Jones
The question remains if the market is strong enough to support all of the investment we see growing exponentially in the mobile payment space. Would the majority if those making payments even venture to use their mobile phones for these ...
Perficient Financial Services Blog
Mobile Payment Infographics - The Lemon Smartphone Study ...
'Lemon' Smartphone - The Lemon smartphone infographic study looks at the likelihood of consumers forgoing cash and credit for the use of mobile payments. Pew Internet...
TREND HUNTER - The Latest Trends
SoundCloud puts Adyen Payment Solution in the mix (to help you ...
By Steffen Konrath
PR Newswire :: Adyen, the fast growing provider of next generation Internet and mobile payment solutions, has today announced that its innovative, single-click payment solution has been selected by SoundCloud, the leading social sound ...
:: Future of Journalism
Morning Advantage: Why Policy Makers Should Learn How To - Blogs
By Carla Yengo-Kahn
Last week Starbucks announced a $25 million deal with mobile-payment start-up Square. The same day, a widely used credit card processing system, VeriFone, watched its shares drop 12 percent. Square will make an even larger dent in ...

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The Future of Mobile Payment is Now - But How Do Your Customers ...
With the recent partnership between Starbucks and Square there is a lot of buzz around a few magic words for businesses worldwide – mobile payment ...

Starbucks leveraging m-commerce but what's brewing in India?

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Newsfor NFC Mobile Payment

Starbucks leveraging m-commerce but what's brewing in India?

VC Circle

After all, it already has its own mobile payment app in place and also allows its customers to pay with contactless cards using (NFC). The 'Square' integration in its system is just another channel of doing it. But it is quite likely that the company ...See all stories on this topic »

China Finally Adopts NFC Standard to Near-field Mobile Payment

nfc antenna
nfc antenna (Photo credit: ubiqua)
NFC Mobile Payment
Modern Payment Security – NFC-Enabled Mobile Devices | NFC ...
Global NFC mobile payments to exceed USD180 billion by 2017. 24 Jul 12 - PaymentEye - Insight White Papers UK. Reporting on global NFC m-payments .
China Finally Adopts NFC Standard to Near-field Mobile Payment ...It has always been a difficult decision whether to adopt 13.56MHz or 2.4GHZ as the standard of China NFC mobile payment. Now the problem seems to
Modern Payment Security – NFCEnabled Mobile Devices | Near ...
"NFC Payment". Modern Payment Security – NFC-Enabled Mobile Devices This raises an obvious question: As more NFC-enabled devices enter the market, are ...

APAC Banks Evaluate NFC Models and Mobile Wallet Alternatives

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APAC Banks Evaluate NFC Models and Mobile Wallet Alternatives
Daily Deal Media
In Singapore, an infrastructure has been worked out where the objective is to let the industry on the whole capitalize on the same considering the open access model for NFC infrastructure. The plan is to support contactless mobile payments. This ...
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Daily Deal Media
NFC Paging may be the next generation in customer service
QR Code Press
NFC technology has long been restricted to the industries of mobile commerce and marketing. The technology ... These employees then utilize their NFC-enabled bade or mobile device to "check in" and show that they have reached the consumer quickly ...
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Korean Researchers Introduce Rectenna: NFC Chip for a Penny

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Wireless power for the price of a penny

10 August 2012 | Source: Nanotechnology
The newspaper-style printing of electronic equipment has led to a cost-effective device that could change the way we interact with everyday objects.
Wireless power for the price of a penny
For a price of just one penny per unit the device, known as a rectenna, which is presented today, Friday 10 August, in IOP Publishing’s journal Nanotechnology, can be placed onto objects such as price tags, logos and signage so that we can read product information on our smartphones with one simple swipe.
This type of technology, which is known as near-field communication (NFC), has already been implemented to allow fast money transactions; however, this new device could lead the way to large-scale adoption at a low cost.
The rectenna, created by researchers from Sunchon National University and Paru Printed Electronics Research Institute, could be implemented onto everyday objects so that they can harness the power given off by the smartphone’s radio waves and send information back to it via printed digital circuits.
It is called a rectenna as it is a combination of an antenna and a rectifier – a device that converts alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). The rectenna was printed onto plastic foils in large batches using a roll-to-roll process at a rate of 8m min-1. Five different electronic inks were used and each rectenna had a length of around 1300 mm.
The researchers state that the rectenna can harness power directly from radio waves given off by a mobile phone, converting AC into DC. The rectenna created in this study could provide at least 0.3 W of power from an alternating current which had a frequency of 13.56 MHz.
NFC technology is very similar to QR codes, whereby users take a photo of a square-shaped bar code on a poster or advert using their smartphone. The difference with NFC is that items will contain a small computer chip or digital information, operated by DC power.
“What is great about this technique is that we can also print the digital information onto the rectenna, meaning that everything you need for wireless communication is in one place,” said co-author of the study Gyoujin Cho.
“Our advantage over current technology is lower cost, since we can produce a roll-to-roll printing process with high throughput in an environmentally friendly manner. Furthermore, we can integrate many extra functions without huge extra cost in the printing process.
“The application of NFC technology with the smartphone will be limitless in the near future. The medical, automotive, military and aerospace industries will benefit greatly.”

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